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It just looks like regular pants.

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Q: What does a boy gymnastic leotard look like without shorts?
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Do you like to wear your leotard in public?

not really, especially without shorts on

What does a boys gymnastic leotard look like with out shorts?

Little boys tend to wear nylon lycra or cotton shorts or lycra cycle shorts over top their leotards. However at 4 years old there is no reason why he couldn't wear the leotard on its own. However my little boy finds it more comfortable to wear a zone lycra leotard with no undies underneath and then lycra shorts over the top to hide any embarasing wedgies from his leotard ... A boys leotard is just like a looks just like a girls leotard. The only difference is that it is lower cut on the leg.

What do the officials in trampolining wear?

At my club when we train we mostly wear sleveless leotards and shorts or with a t-shirt over this. When competiting we wear leotards like gymnasts, we basically wear the same things as gymnasts.

What should you take to gymnastics?

you wear a leotard and spandex & a water bottle. and when your very advanced you bring grips. also if you have an injury you wear your braces or casts.and i should no because i have been doing gymnastics for 8 years. and i have competed and i compete internationally now.

What is the best fabric to wear for sports?

Lycra, cotton, synthetics, sometimes even SILK!

What is a wrestlers outfit called?

yes they wear shorts and others like jeans or tights and of cours a shirt and underwear.thats wht they wear all the normal stuff.but some wear tribal stuff like masks and others like yeah.there u go.

Do you have to wear a leotard for a gymnastic competicion?

Usually, yes. Most of the time, the gymnastics teams at the competitions have matching team leotards. Leotards are also the ideal clothing to wear while doing gymnastics, since it is easier to manuver in and it isn't loose like other clothing.

What would it be like for a man to wear a Ladies Tank Leotard?

I made a mistake. I should have asked: what would it be like for a man to wear A Ladies Tank Leotard?

Are there any brands besides dockers that sell khaki shorts without a million pockets?

Yes! The GAP sells some khaki shorts like that.

What clothing DO you were by gymnastics?

In gymnastics, unless you are in a younger class, the girls wear leotards, which look like a one piece bathing suit. At compitions, girls where long sleved leotards apposed to the spagetti strapped normal ones for practice. Boys where even from a younger age, shorts and a t-shirt to practice. For compititions, they wear a leotard with short shorts, but wear underwear, unlike girls. They wear the leotard at all times but for certain events switch from their shorter pants to longer ones that conect to their socks.

Are gymnastic leotards the same as swimming suit?

There are several fabrics used in leotards. If you have a nylon leotard, than the fabric is the same as in a swimsuit. As long as the leotard style is a tank (sleeveless), than it is basically the same. The only difference would be that the leotards tend to have more coverage on the back, as swimsuits are usually more open.

Will men's shorts get shorter?

There have been signs that more men are wearing shorter shorts. Not short shorts, but I mean shorts that go like 2 or 3 inches above the knee, so maybe. After all they can't get anymore longer without having to be called pants.