What does a backwards k mean?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It is a Baseball term that means that the batter has struck out watching the third strike go by while a forward K means that the batter struck out swinging the bat, but missed.

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Q: What does a backwards k mean?
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Why is the k backwards?

A forward 'k' is using in baseball scoring to mean a batter struck out swinging. a backward 'k' is used to mean a batter struck out looking.

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Looking is backwards. A looking strikeout is subjective to the home plate umpire that night. A swinging strikeout is objective. No doubt that he missed on that third strike; that's a K. K=swinging forward. Backwards K=looking backwards at the umpire and being K'ed

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A "k" is a strikeout, from the abbreviation used to denote a strikeout when scoring baseball on a scorecard. In some stadiums, simply "k" is the denotation; in others, there is a distinction made between a "k" and one which is written backwards. A "k" written forwards means that the battter struck out swinging (he swung at the last pitch, producing the final strike). A "k" written backwards means that the batter struck out looking (he did not swing at the pitch that produced the final strike). In broadcasting, "posting a k" simply means that the batter struck out and does not distinguish between a batter who struck out swinging and one who struck out looking.

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