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Which QB were you referring to? Masoli? Thomas? Dixon?

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Q: What does Oregon qb 40yard dash time?
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What was Michael Vick's 40 yard dash time?

4.25 he's average but his agility is amazing for a QB

Who is the quarterback for the Oregon ducks?

Darron Tomas, #1, is the current starting quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. Second string QB is Nate Costa.

Who was the fastest qb this year?

Joe Web(0.01 faster than Vick in the 40 yard dash).

Who was the fastest QB in the nfl in 2005?

In 2005, it was probably Michael Vick, he was QB for the Atlanta Falcons at the time.

What is the date of birth of Darren Thomas Oregon ducks QB?

Darron Varnell Thomas born May 23, 1989

How many QB can be in one game?

one at a time *There can be an offensive and defensive QB for each team; four in total.

Which QB was active for the longest time?

George Blanda

Best QB of all time?

Brett Favre

Is a 5.9 second 40yd dash considered to be explosive speed for a 11 year old QB?

umm not explosive. but not horrible. i am 13 and i ran a 5.2 40 time. but when i was 12 i ran a 6.0... but I was a lineman

What are the names of all the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks since 1933?

From the Steelers 75th All Time Roster (up through 2012)..Batch, Charlie [QB], Eastern Michigan 2002-12Dixon, Dennis [QB], Oregon 2008-11Finks, Jim [QB], Tulsa 1949-55Gasparella, Joe [QB], Notre Dame 1948, 50-51Gildea, John [QB], St. Bonaventure 1935-37Gilliam, Joe [QB], Tennessee State 1972-1975Gonzalez, Pete [QB], Pitt 1998-99Graff, Neil [QB], Wisconsin 1976-77Graham, Kent [QB], Ohio State 2000Hanratty, Terry [QB], Notre Dame 1969-75Held, Paul [QB], San Jose State 1954Hendley, Dick [QB], Clemson 1951Izo, George [QB], Notre Dame 1966Kemp, Jack [QB], Occidental 1957Kerkorian, Gary [QB], Stanford 1952Kruczek, Mike [QB], Boston College 1976-79Layne, Bobby [QB], Texas 1958-62Leahy, Bob [QB], Emporia State 1971Leftwich, Byron [QB], Marshall 2008, 2010-12Mackrides, Bill [QB], Nevada 1953Maddox, Tommy [QB], UCLA 2001-05Malone, Mark [QB], Arizona State 1980-87Marchibroda, Ted [QB], St. Bon'ture & Detroit 1953, 55-56Martin, Tee [QB], Tennessee 2000-01McDonough, Coley [QB], Day 1939-41, 44**Meyer, Ron [QB], S. Dakota State 1966Miller, Jim [QB], Michigan State 1995-96Morrall, Earl [QB], Michigan State 1957-58Nelsen, Bill [QB], Southern Cal. 1963-67Nix, Kent [QB], TCU 1967-69Nofsinger, Terry [QB], Utah 1961-64O'Donnell, Neil [QB], Maryland 1990-95Ortmann, Chuck [QB], Michigan 1951Patterson, Bill [QB], Baylor 1940Pense, Leon [QB], Arkansas 1945Petchel, John [QB], Duquesne 1945Quinn, Mike [QB], Stephen F. Austin 1997Roethlisberger, Ben [QB], Miami, (OH) 2004-12Scarbath, Jack [QB], Maryland 1956Seabright, Charles [QB], West Virginia 1946-50Sherman, Alex [QB], Brooklyn 1943*Shiner, Dick [QB], Maryland 1968-69Smith, Ron [QB], Richmond 1966Smith, Stu [QB], Bucknell 1937-38Smith, Truett [QB], Wyoming & Mississippi St. 1950-51Spizak, Charley [QB], Carnegie Tech 1938St. Pierre, Brian [QB], Boston College 2003-04, 06-07Stewart, Kordell [QB], Colorado 1995-02Stoudt, Cliff [QB], Youngstown State 1977-83Strom, Rick [QB], Georgia Tech 1989-93Thompson, Tommy [QB], Tulsa 1940Tomczak, Mike [QB], Ohio State 1993-99Turley, John [QB], Ohio Wesleyan 1935-36Vaughan, John [QB], Indiana (Pa.) 1933-34Wade, Tom [QB], Texas 1964-65Woodley, David [QB], LSU 1984-85Wright, Anthony [QB], South Carolina 1999Zimmerman, Leroy [QB], San Jose State 1943*

Who is the worst NFL QB of all time?

Johnny Manziel

I am 14 years old and I run a 4.74 40 yard dash is that fast for a QB?

ya that's really fast for a QB It is also fast for your age. I would think that you will be one of the faster players on your freshman football team.

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