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umm not explosive. but not horrible. i am 13 and i ran a 5.2 40 time. but when i was 12 i ran a 6.0... but I was a lineman

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If you ran a 9.9 100 yd what would be your 40yd time?

3.96s, assuming that you ran at a constant speed the entire time.

Michael Vick's 40yd dash time?


What was Eddie george's 40yd dash time?


Is Chris Johnson or Cristiano Ronaldo faster?

Chris Johnson: with a speed of a 4.2 40yd dash if he can keep that constant speed for 100 yards he can cover a entire football field within 10-10.5 secs flat

What does tony gonzales fastest 40yd dash time?

he ran a 2.63 once

Micheal Vick's 40yd dash time?

In his rookie camp in 2001 he ran a 4.36

Who is the fastest WR in the NFL?

Jacoby Ford of the Oakland Raiders who ran a 40yd dash time of 4.26 at the combine

Who is the fastest punter?

Adam Podlesh ran a 4.44 40yd dash so I think he's one of the fastest.

What is the average 40yd dash time for a 13yrold?

A VERY fast time is 5.3. I run 5.45, average is 5.9

Is my 40 yard dash time good?

usian bolt's 40yd dash time is 4.38. and if your running a 4.9 that is considered quite good. Now if your doing a 60yd a real good time is 6.7. a good time is 7 and so on and so on.

What did James Harrison run in the 40yd dash?

There probabaly is no official record of a 40 yard dash time. He was an undrafted free agent when he entered the NFL. A best guess would be around 4.7. Speed is not vital with his position, his best skills come from his leverage and strength.

Average 40 yard dash time for 15 year old?

I am 15 years old and run a 4.8 40yd dash.

What was Steve smith 40yd dash time?

Steve Smith, originally with the Carolina Panthers is now with the Baltimore Ravens. He plays wide receiver. His time in the 40 was 4.39 seconds.

IF you ran 17mph what would your time in the 40 yard dash be?

If you ran 17mph that would equate to roughly 4.8 Seconds in the 40yd dash... That does not include the time it takes to accelerate though...

Fastest 50 yard dash time for a fifth grader?

4.8 is totally wrong pro athletes run a 40yd dash in that time. fifth grader is probably somewhere around 8 seconds

What is the average size of an NFL player?

around 6-6'3 and 199-240 they just keep getting bigger and bigger but you need size and strength with skill and the average 40yd dash would be 4:68

Fastest 40 yard dash time for a widereceiver?

the fastest receiver in the nfl combine 2010 is Jacoby Ford at 4.28s i believe that's the fastest for a receiver because the fastest 40yd dash time was set by Chris Johnson in the '08 combine at 4.24s

Who is Cody getz?

a football player in Georgia, runs a 4:19 40yd. Number 27..... BEAST You'll want to watch for him at Air Force and check out this video...

How fast can you run a 40 yard dash if you run the 100m in 11 seconds?

probably a for 4.3 or 4.4 40 yard dash Really depends... the type of runner for the 40yd dash and 100m is different. A test you can do is to see if you go your top speed early or do you accelerate all the way to the finish line. The best way really is to test it out yourself. Usain Bolt probably wouldn't be able to run a 4.2 yd dash according to what he's done so far. He usually accelerates or can keep his top speed longer lasting than the others. So it's not something constant because there are a lot of variations between people. If you accelerate quickly, then >4.5, if not then 4.5<. These are just esimates and like I said before to just go and do it.

What is David Virgin's bench press?

His workout the Buffalo Bills went as followed:DAVID VIRGIN LB/SS Ht: 6'1Wt: 230College: ASUBench Press: 405lbs Squat: 525lbs40yd dash: 4.51SS: 4.19Broad Jump: 10ft 5in.VJ: 38incontact: A. Highsmith

What is the average height and weight of an nfl fullback?

Actually the average size is 6'1 245lbs, 5'9:-6'3" 220-265lbs is the smallest to biggest size currently in the NFL. average 40yd dash 4.7, typical body fat percentage is 12-17 percent. But you can find guys in the 20 percentile Jeremi Johnson and Mike Tolbert.

Who has the world record in the 40 yard dash?

The 40 yard dash is not an IAAF recognized event, therefore no official record exists. Unofficially, Darrell Green holds the fastest time of 4.08. That time has never been verified. His official time was 4.15. The fastest verified time in the 40yd dash is 4.12 by Bo Jackson. Ref:

How fast does Herschel Walker run the 40 yard dash?

Herschel at his peak, 6'1 225, broke 4.40 (under 4.40 seconds) . U football & track guys, now how to respect that. If u were a big Herschel Walker/Bo Jackson fan, and would love to see the return of a true "Power to Speed" running back, I'm Brannen "The Battle Cat" Goodman Sr. AKA-Gizz-Mo, starting running back for the (can't name yet) New USFL L.A. Team, !%@$#*?. I'm 5'11 250lbs with an electronic 4.55 40yd..... Season Kicks off February 2011, see u there. (U'll Know Me By Long Hair, & Huge Polynesian Sized Thighs and Calves.. :) ENJOY...!!!

How many extra yards is a field goal from the 40yd line?

A field goal can be attempted from anywhere on the field, so the distance from the 40 yard line isn't really relevant to anything. If you're asking how many extra yards the ball must travel relative to the line of scrimmage, you must allow seven yards to snap the ball back to the holder, plus ten yards to reach the back of the end zone (where the uprights are positioned). Therefore, if the line of scrimmage is the 40-yard line, you would have a 57-yard field goal attempt.

If your 5-8 to 5-9 run a 4.5 40yd and weigh 180 pounds but have no highschool football experience is it still possible to walk on a college football team?

this depends on a number of things. 1) what position do you want to play? 2) are you teachable? in college football, you can't think that you know it all. you have to be willing to listen to criticism, not get offended, and apply what your critiqied on. 3) are you willing to work hard? with no football experience, if everyone else is giving 110%, your gonna have to give 200%, plain and simple. 4) what is the school looking for? 5)dont expect to become a superstar overnight. there are guys that've been playing their whole lives and still get red shirted their freshman year. you have to be patient, wait your turn, and if you make the team, use every minute that your not playin to better yourself and learn more skills. of course its possible but your gonna have to try, your gonna have to do your [football] homework, and your definitely gonna have to be teachable. God bless you. hope it all works out