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The NFC and AFC are the National Football League's conferences.

NFC stands for National Football Conference

AFC stands for American Football Conference

It is somewhat similar to the American League and National League in Major League Baseball, however the National League and the American League in Baseball have different rules (primarily involving the designated hitter), while the NFC and AFC are in the same league, and have identical rules. The NFL's 32 teams are evenly divided into the two conferences, equivalent to the divisions in either Baseball league. Each conference has playoffs to determine its champion at the end of the regular season to decide which teams will play in the Super Bowl, the NFL's championship game. In the Super Bowl, one NFC team and one AFC team play for the league championship. Prior to the 1970 merger of the American Football League and the NFL, The Super Bowls were World Championship games played between the two League champions.

Back in the 60's there were 2 different pro leagues, the AFL (American Football League)and the NFL (National Football League) some time during the late 60's they merged together and became one pro league.

Each conference AFC and NFC is divided up into 4 division so between the both of them there are 8 divisions.

NFC Divisions:

North - Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit

South - Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta and Carolina

East - Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia and NY Giants

West - San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona and St. Louis

AFC Divisions:

North - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cinncinati and Baltimore

South - Houston, Tennessee, Indianapolis and Jacksonville

East - New England, Miami, NY Jets and Buffalo

West: Oakland, San Deiago, Kansas City and Denver

This is the way they were re aligned in 2001 to make the NFL more competitive.

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Q: What does NFC and AFC stand for in football?
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What do AFC and NFC stand for?

American Football Conference National Football Conference

What are professional football divisions?

The NFL Divisions are NFC North NFC South NFC East NFC West AFC North AFC South AFC East AFC West

Which came first NFC or AFC football?

NFC - the NFC is the original National Football League. The AFC was originally the American Football League; the two leagues merged in 1970.

Is the NFC supposed to be be better than the AFC in football?

I think it is better because the NFC won the superbowl and they have better players then the AFC

What is the difference between the AFC and the NFC?

I believe it's from the merge between the AFL and NFL the AFC teams are the American football league teams and the NFC the national football league.

What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an NFC or AFC team?

The Steelers play in the AFC (American Football Conference). They are part of the AFC North Division.

When does football season start for 2010 in NFC and AFC?

July 1st

What does AFC?

I think it means Athletic Football ClubAnswer:American Football Conference (NFC is National Football Conference).

Did a difference exist between AFC and NFC football size regulation etc exist and is there still a difference?

No, there was never a difference in the football size or regulations between the AFC and NFC. This would be too hard to regulate since the AFC and NFC teams play each other so often.

What two groups of the NFL are there?

AFC (American Football Confrence) NFC (National Football Confrence)

Are the New Orleans Saints in the AFC or the NFC?

The New Orleans Saints are an NFC(National Football Conference) team.

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