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probably soccer balls. M@t@o

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โˆ™ 2009-07-21 20:38:00
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Q: What does David Beckham spend all his money on?
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What does David Beckham spend all that money on?

drugs , cars, alcohol and sometimes hookers drugs , cars, alcohol and sometimes hookers Bad Beckem spends his money on strippers and pole dancers! Hell yeah!

Who is the richest between David Beckham and 50cent in 2009?

David beckham is richer. because all 50cent does is rap.

What are some charity David Beckham supports?

All of them

Who is the best player in the all whites?

david beckham

Who is the richest soccer player of all time?

David Beckham

Who is the richest sports star of all time?

David Beckham

Can someone help me with my assignment on David Beckham and tell me if he is a good or bad sports man?

Click on the 'David Beckham' link below to read all about him.

The names of all the football clubs that David Beckham has played for?

;l Find It Out

How many world cup titles has david beckham won?

None at all

Does David Beckham have a tattoo?

yes look it up online you can see them all

Why is David Beckham a good citizen?

because he raised money for charities and he got involved in the olympics and all kinds like that x by megan louise walsh

Who is more famous David Beckham or Incredible Hulk?

Hulk because nerds know who the hulk as does everyone else but they do not all know who beckham is.

What was one thing David Beckham did that was important?

Well, let's see. Nothing. That is all.

What do Australians spend their money on the most?

Australians spend their money on sh*t all

What are David Beckham's Kids named?

Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David, and Harper Seven. Are All Of There Names.

Did David Beckham ever score a hat-trick for England?

No , I've never heard about a hat-trick for David Beckham with England . You can check David Beckham's profile on Wikipedia and see all his international goals with England, you'll find that all his goals are in separate matches and there is no hat-trick . I hope that Beckham scores a hat-trick for England before he retires ! He deserves such a glory . I love his goals and passes ! he is the elegant ! .

Did David Beckham have challenges growing up?

apart from his IQ level of 20, no, none at all.

What did the poor do with their money in Egypt?

They had to spend all their money on food.

How many different hairstyles did David Beckham had?

David Beckham had possibly over 20 different public hairstyles. These ranged from many different years, starting from 1993, all the way up to the current year 2013.

How do you use the word spend in a sentence?

Do not spend all your money at once.I'm not willing to spend that much.I'm going to go spend some time at the arcade. I won't spend a lot of time writing this.I want to spend all my money today.

David Beckham Hot or Not?

Millions of people all over the world believe so, others don't.

Is it bad if your boyfriend wants to spend his money on you?

Not at all, let him. It is his choice; provided he doesn't spend all of it.

What does Katy perry spend all her money on?

Katy spends her money on all her costumes for videos

Has David Beckham ever scored a hattrick?

No, David Beckham has never scored a hat-trick. If you read his autobiography, My Side, it lists all the goals he scored since a teenager, and he never scored more than two in one game.

Does a nonprofit have to spend all of their fundraising money in that year?