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;l Find It Out

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Q: The names of all the football clubs that David Beckham has played for?
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How many football clubs has david beckham played for?

i think it is seven

Name the player who has played for three different clubs twice?

david beckham

How many teams has David Beckham played for?

David Beckham has played for the following clubs Manchester united, Real Madrid, Los Angles Galaxy and A.C. Milan. He also played for England.

Captained at world cupand played for three premiership clubs with free transfer?

david beckham

Who has won 3 European cups with different clubs?

david beckham

What English footballer has played for three clubs in the Champions League?

David Beckham - Man Utd, Real Madrid and Milan.

How many clubs hase david beckemm played for?

I don't know any david beckemm - but DAVID BECKHAM played for Manure + Madrid + galxaxy, he also played for a south African team called Kaizer Chiefs!

How many players played for the top four English clubs and Barcelona or real Madrid?

David Beckham, Steve McCann on , Michael Owen, Jonathan Woodgate and Cunningham played for Real Madrid.

How many goals did David Beckham make in his whole life?

103 with clubs, 17 with England National Team

Who had the most football clubs in there career?

It could be Nickolas Anelka, he played for 8 clubs.

What are the names of the football clubs david beckam has played for?

Man Utd Preston Real Madrid Los Angeles Galaxy AC Milan

What clubs have David Beckham been in?

David Bekham played in the following clubs:1992-2003 Manchester United1994-1995 Preston North End (loan)2003-2007 Real Madrid2007-2012 Los Angeles Galaxy2009+2010 Milan (loan)2013 Paris Saint-Germain

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