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there is nothing designated to say at the beginning of a hockey game

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:43:40
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Q: What do you say at the beginning of an ice hockey match?
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How do you say ice-hockey in French?

Ice hockey is "le hockey sur glace" in French.

What sport is similar to ice hockey?

I would say field hockey or lacrosse are probably the closest to ice hockey.

How do you say ice hockey in Spanish?

Hockey sobre hielo.

How do you say ice hockey in french?

Hockey sur glace.

What do you say ice hockey in German?


How do you say hockey in French?

le hockey, le hockey sur glace (ice hockey), le hockey sur gazon (lawn hockey)

Which is more dangerous hockey or ice skating?

I would say hockey, but I'm not entirely sure.

Who is the best hockey player?

for ice hockey most people say Wayne Gretzky is however for field hockey jamie dwyer is :)

How do you say hockey in spanish?

OHkey Ice hockey is "Hockey sobre hielo". (OHkey SObray YAYlow) Field hockey is "Hockey sobre hierba" (OHkey SObray YERba)

What can you say about playing professional hockey its a math worksheet?

It’s an ice job

Is Britain in the middle of a ice age?

No, but it might be at the beginning of an ice age. That is what the experts say.

Who inveted hockey?

If you mean ice hockey, it was invented by unknown Canadians, but there is also bandy, or ice hockey with a ball, or Russian hockey; some consider it to be the the ancestor to the ice hockey with a puck. And there is also field hockey, an Olympic sport, British simply call it hockey, it was invented long time ago, some say in ancient Egypt, in primitive form. I'm Sorry but Ice Hockey is Credited to British Army Personel in Kingston Ontorio and not canadians, this is also credited and confirmed by the Canadian Amature Hockey Association...

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