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First of all you need a snow board, next you need bindings for your board. After that you need some boots, and a helmet.

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2016-10-20 21:32:36
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Q: What do you need if you want to go snowboarding?
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How fast do you go when snowboarding?

As fast as you want to throw yourself down a mountain

How many people can play snowboarding?

Anybody can go snowboarding. They just need to believe in themselves and try. There's no set limit with the maximum amount of people that can snowboard.

Why do I want to go back snowboarding-- I really want to go back I went during presidents day weekend Is it okay to go back to Tahoe during the first week of April?


Is snowboarding a team sport?

no Nope! Snowboarding can be done individually. It does not need to have a team to play this sport.

Can girls go snowboarding?


What is shred in the context of snowboarding?

To shred is to go snowboarding. It comes from the noise that the board makes when you carve.

Do you need a stomp pad for snowboarding?

No, you don't!

What equipment do you need for Olympic snowboarding?

a snowboard

What is the idea of snowboarding?

The idea of snowboarding is different depending on what type of snowboarding you want to know about! Like half pipe is mostly going from one side to the other and doing tricks.

What is the speed of snowboarding?

The speed of snowboarding depends on how long you snowboarded without stopping and how steep it is. You can go really fast and you can go really slow.

When can you go snowboarding?

in the winter when there is snow on the ground

Were can you go snowboarding?

You can go snowboarding on any snowy mountain with enough steepness that you can go down. You can't go snowboarding on a super steep mountain like a mountain that you have to climb it because you will just fall off the mountain. Examples for places to snowboard is Mount Blackcomb in Whistler.

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