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If there's intense pain, it's called a cramp. Otherwise, it's just fatigue.

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Q: What do you have when you play soccer and your legs get stiff and you feel tired from your legs?
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Legs feel heavy when walking?

maybe they're tired or you're tired.

Why do your legs feel heavy?

Your legs could feel heavy if you have a problem with your circulation. They can also feel heavy if you have had a lot of exercise and they are tired or fatigued.

Why you feel tired and irritable after exercise?

you feel tired because when you do certain types of excercise your legs get tired because latic acid builds up and your legs feel need to stegth before you excercise because you might pull a muscle and can get injured

What another word for stiff legs on a horse?

stiff legs.

Why do legs feel stiff and hurt after sitting then loosen up after walking?

its because of your blood circulation

What does to jump with stiff legs mean?

To jump with stiff legs means to lock your knees.

What are soccer legs?

soccer legs are legs that are perfect or soccer. not to long not to short, not to meaty and not to skinny

Why do my legs get so tired when I play soccer I have been doing crossfit and I am in really good shape and I have gained muscle on my legs why do they get so tired?

You might need to check your nutrition because lots of people over look this problem.. also you need to do sprintsand run everyday!

Why you shouldn't jump 9 feet over a 10 feet ditch?

Because your legs will hurt and you'll feel tired

Does abilify get you high?

I been on abilify and effexor I just feel chill but problem is that if you stoputaking them u feel drowsy and more anxious I even had felt my legs stiff while walking...

What disease of cats causes stiff legs?

Arthritis can.

Can seroquel cause muscle weakness in legs after starting this drug?

I feel weak all over and very tired...I am currently on 150mgs.

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