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When a batsman hits sixer on a no-ball its 7 runs per ball. Although no-ball is not counted in over but it is said that 7 runs are scored on 1 ball.


Threre's an example of a batsman getting 7 runs off 1 legal ball,when in Australia(2006),Australia and England were playing in an ashes test,flintoff bowled to Michael clarke and he hit down to mid on,which hoggard went to chase down,the batsman took 3 runs in meanwhile.hoggard chased the ball and threw to pieterson,then pieterson,unnecessirilly,threw the ball to the wicketkeeper who completely missed that one and the ball went on to b a four,so it was 7 runs as a whole to Clarke off 1 legal ball.

Also, recently Andrew Symonds scored 8 on one delivery; the ball was stopped short of the boundary while they ran four, then was overthrown for the others.

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Q: You had that there is a situation for 7runs per ball Can anybody explian the situations behind that pl?
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