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Volleyball is already in the Olympics.

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Q: Can volleyball go to the Olympics?
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Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

Who was the first black female volleyball player to go to the Olympics?


Why did they put volleyball in the Olympics?

they put volleyball in the Olympics because it was an athletic sport

Is volleyball in the Olympics?

Yes. The summer Olympics includes men's and women's beach and indoor volleyball.

Volleyball in the Olympics?

Yes, volleyball is in the summer Olympics. They have men's indoor, woman's indoor, and beach

What year was volley first in the Olympic sport?

1964 was when Indoor Volleyball was in the Olympics. 1996 was when Beach Volleyball was in the Olympics.

Where were volleyball and judo first introduced into the Olympics?

Volleyball and judo were first introduced into the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, in 1964.

For how long has Volleyball been played for in the Olympics?

The Tokyo Olympics in 1964 were the first, although volleyball was played as a demonstration sport in the Olympics as early as 1924.

Is sport of volleyball played by professionals?

yes they have Olympics game in volleyball

What is j6 volleyball?

I have never heard of J6 volleyball but I do know what JO volleyball is. JO stands for Junior Olympics. There are many clubs made for JO volleyball, such as the one that I go to now. These clubs have try outs that you can go to. They will evaluate you and see who will make what team.

Is beach volleyball dangerous in the Olympics?

no it is not

What is the highest organization in volleyball?


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