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A footballer is a professional soccer player. To become a professional sports player, you need some athletic ability. Training and hard work to develop this ability is needed.

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Q: What do you have to do to be a footballer?
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Who is the world richest footballer?

The Protuguese footballer Christanio Ronaldo is the world richest footballer/

Who is the most famous girl footballer?

The most famous lady footballer is the American footballer Mia Haam.

What footballer has the longest surname?

which footballer has the longest surname?

Is anas mulla a good footballer?

He is a ok footballer

Who is the richest footballer in zimbawe?

It is the footballer from Zimbabwe Benjani.

What did Wayne Rooney want to be when he was a child?


Is adil nabi a good footballer?

yes adil nabi is a great footballer no he is not a good footballer

What is the best carreer paid?

Footballer or stripper (if paid by a footballer)

Who was Arthur Grimsdell English footballer?

An English Footballer ! Idiot

Who is the worlds faviroute footballer?

Christiano Ronaldo could be that footballer.

How tall was the tallest footballer ever?

The tallest footballer is 2.10m

When was Will Buckley - footballer - born?

Will Buckley - footballer - was born in 1988.

When was Dudu - footballer - born?

Dudu - footballer - was born in 1939.

When was Paranรก - footballer - born?

Paraná - footballer - was born in 1942.

Is ther any footballer that does not play in a club?

No, there is not any footballer that does not play on a team or a club, because than they wont be called a footballer.

How much should a footballer weigh?

It entirely depends on the height of the footballer.

Who was the best footballer in 1995?

In the year the best footballer was Ronaldo from Brazil.

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terry Henry is the best french footballer

World no 1 footballer of 2009?

It is the argentinan footballer Lionel Messi.

Who burns the most calories a footballer or an ice hockey player?

a Footballer.

Who is the best algerian footballer?

Majid Bougherra is the best algerian footballer

Who was the world footballer of the year in 1970?

The World Footballer of the Year award only began in 1991, so there was no Word Footballer of the Year in 1970.

Is bale the best footballer?

I don't think so Bale the best footballer because if you see statistics you find cristano Ronaldo is the best footballer.

When was liberian footballer george ware declared the best footballer in the wolrd?

George Weah of Liberia was awarded footballer of the year in 1995 when he played for A.C.Milan.

Who is currently the best footballer in the world?

The best footballer currently in the world is Lionel Messi, he is one of the youngest and most fantastic footballer of all time.