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YOu dont beat them whoop that scrawny butt

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βˆ™ 2010-01-28 16:33:49
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Q: What do you do when cheerleaders want to beat you up?
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Why do cheerleaders want to get with me?

I assume that you are a boy. Cheerleaders may want to "get with you" because they find you attractive, or the general stereotype that cheerleaders should "be with".

Why does everyone hate cheerleaders?

Well, everyone hates them because they want to be them. Most people hate cheerleaders because they are stereotyping them from movies such as bring it on and fired up.

Why is there no cheerleaders in Super Bowl 45?

It is up to the team whether or not they have cheerleaders. Some teams, like the Cowboys and Redskins, choose to have cheerleaders, while others, like the Packers, do not have cheerleaders. It just happens that this year, neither team has cheerleaders.

Do cheerleaders only date athletes? can date anyone you want It all depends on there is all up 2 u

Can cheerleaders date the players?

Ithink cheerleader are just stuck up brats that they think they can get whatever they want so no they shouldnt

What are cheerleaders jobs?

cheerleaders jobs are to support there team on and hope that cheers them up so they can win that they can be the best of the best teams

What celebrity do you want to beat up?

Justin Beaver

Why do cheerleaders wear bloomers for?

cheerleaders wear bloomers to cover up their private parts when the jump and flip!!

What should you do if there is a girl who want to beat you up because of a stupid rumor?

beat them up before they beat u up or if ur scared runaway and joinb the army

Why do guys always seem to like cheerleaders?

Because cheerleaders are at the top of the school and they want to be there with them. Also they are peppy and usually cute and/or fit!

What do push ups do for cheerleaders?

cheerleaders do push up to build upper strength in their arms to be able to do stunts and work on harder stunts and some time as punishment for talking to much ( stunts are when you hold up others cheerleaders)

Do Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders get paid?

Yes, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders get payed 150 $ per game if they show up.

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