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Team work on a cheer squad is helping your teammates to reach your goal, and working together to get the flyer up in the air without dropping her. Cheerleaders need teamwork in a cheer squad, as the bases have to work together to get the flyer up in the air while the back spot has to work with the flyer to see what she's comfortable with. The back spot also has to work with the bases, to make sure they know what they're doing. The tumblers have to work together to make sure they are spread out enough to wear they don't run into each other when in the act of tumbling. Last but definitely not least, the team has to work together to keep their smiles on their faces, no matter how many bruises, cuts, broken limbs, etc... to accomplish their goal. Not only that but they have to be counting in their head while all of this is going on.

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make sure you know the cheers practice them intill you know it so well. and to really be asome to your cheer team bake cookies or other treats of even bring them its a good snack after every practice-kristina

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for one be proud! Do your best and give it all u got! Once u make it u have to start to learn some jumps like left and right pike and hirkey. u have to learn how to do the cheers,jumps and stunts!As a cheerleader myself, u need to be in good fit and health.Dont let cheer get in way of work because if u do grades drop,parents are mad,and u are in trouble.ALWAYS BE LOUD!!!!! Dont ever cheer for the other team even if u dont like cheering for a losing team. Spirit after every cheer in games and Other than that listen to coach and other team mates. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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obviously the coach picked you for a reason. you would contribute great attitude everywhere and you would show off your teams wonderful spirit!

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Q: What do you do if you make the cheer leading team?
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