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It Can't, Every Lacrosse Head Should Fit On Every Shaft, Except A Goalie Head

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Q: What do you do if if your lacrosse shaft is too big for its head?
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How do you put on lacrosse head that's too big for the shaft?

you dont...

What do you do if your lacrosse shaft is too small for its head?

Wrap tape around the top of the shaft to however much more thicker you need. The best tape to use is electrical.

Can you put other heads on a gait ice shaft than only gait heads?

Yes, you can use any head besides the STX duel head. If the head you use is too big for the shaft, put tape on the shaft until the head fits snug. If it is too big for the head, head the throat of the head with a blow dryer and slide the head on.

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a Warrior Platinum shaft?

yes, you can but you might have too put some force into putting it on the shaft because the shaft has differant ridges but it will still fit "legally".

What instruments do you need to play lacrosse?

for mens lax you will need a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, a shaft, a head, a mouth guard, and cleats. for womens lax all you need is a shaft, head, googles, cleats. some women players wear gloves too

What color lacrosse shaft goes good with a red head?

Black, blue, and even red on red. _________ I'd also say that a silver or black shaft would look good with the red too.

What is the best brand for a lacrosse stick?

warrior for the shaft and personally i like the helix head If you don't feel like paying a premium for the brand name Rainier Lacrosse is your solution! Just found this new company out of Seattle awesome price for a kick'n scandium shaft. Free shipping and a T-shirt was a plus too :)

Do warrior lacrosse heads fit on stx shafts?

yes they do. i personally have a stiffi on a vanadium and it fits just fine.. you may need to put a piece or two of tape around the shaft under the head if its a little too small

Can you die a Lacrosse head twice?

no it will eventually chip and weaken the head try buying1 but that will eventually chip too

Can you use a fiddle stick head in a lacrosse game?

no, a Fiddlestick is a miniature lacrosse stick. In all leagues of lacrosse there are guidelines and requirements for the stick. it has to be a certain length, the head cant be to pinched, etc. Fiddle sticks are too small and do not meet requirements for playing in games. Their sole purpose is to mess with at home or with friends.

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How do you remove the rear shaft on a 2003 crown Victoria?

Drive shaft? using a 12 point box end wrench that fits (5/16 i think) the bolts attaching the shaft to both the tranny and rear end, watch your head too, the drive shaft is not forgiving

What lacrosse shaft should you buy?

I personlay like the brine F15 shaft. It's light weight, durable and is pretty cheap. I've had mine for 1 year and it has plenty of tiny dings in it but no major dents. Not even a small dent in it either. Or the Maverick wonderboy that is good too.

What can you be doing in your golf swing that is causing you to break the club head meaning the club head flies with the ball and you keep the shaft in your hand?

There could be several causes. If the shaft itself breaks it's probably because of damage to the shaft (a dent, rust, crack, etc) or from catching too much ground when trying to hit the ball (hitting it fat/heavy). If the clubhead comes off the shaft without the shaft actually breaking then its an epoxy problem. There may not have been enough epoxy placed down in the hosel to hold the head securely to the shaft.

Is the stx surgeon 10 legal for high school lacrosse?

no, it is an NCAA legal only head, too bad or id be using it right now

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Does the right head matter in lacrosse?

yes it does a better more advanced head will let you shoot faster and more accurate also your passing will be better too. plus the throt will be more pinched so that u have more ball control when you cradle

How many people get too dehydratedfrom lacrosse?


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What is the object of the game lacrosse?

the object of the game of lacrosse would be to score the most points for your team, and to have fun while playing too.