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You call the highest score first and work outwards from the center in groups of three leaving a pause so that the scorer can write them down. Example: 10- 8- 8 (pause) 5-5-3, or if you are not too good: 5-3-3 (pause) 3- miss-miss.

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Q: What do you call the score in archery?
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In which sports is gold a score?

archery the gold is the bullseye in archery

What is the highest score in archery?

The highest score available in a single shot is a score of 10.

What is the objective of Archery?

As a sport: To win the archery contest with the highest score is the aim of archery. The coloured rings on the target carry different values, the centre (bull) being the highest score.

Where is archery in Lucknow?

for archery in lucknow call on 08652625292

Why is the score in Olympic archery sometimes highlighted in green?

Because that is the winners score

What do you call a field where archery is set up?

an archery range

What can help the score in archery?

shooting as close as you can to the bullseye.

In which sport does a gold ring score you 9 points?


What do you call a person who has specialised in archery?

A person who does archery and specializes in it might be an archer.

What do you call a person who does archery?

an archer

Why do they call it archery?

figure it out figure it out

What do you call a person who plays archery?

An archer

What do you call someone who practices archery?

An archer

What do you call doing archery?

depending on what exactly you are doing, it could be just practicing archery or bowhunting or "bowing"

What do you call the red part of an archery target?


What do you call a long distance archery target?


When you are the serving in tennis who's score do you call out first?

You always call your score first when you are serving.

What do you call a pointed stick shot from a bow?


How do you score points in archery?

The targets have different point zones, just like throwing darts

What do you call a archery target?

A target... Exactly what it sounds like! Hope I helped! :)

How does Robin Hood win the archery contest?

Robin Hood won the Archery contest by shooting His arrow into the middle of the target and scoring the highest score which is 180. Because he won that he got is golden arrow!

How much is a bullseye?

In Darts a bullseye is worth 50 points, in archery its worth 10 points. However, puritans of archery do not call it bullseye they refer to it as "the Gold"

What do you call a group of twenty?

a score

What do you call a score in basketball?

A basket

What do you call a score in hockey?

a goal..