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Landing foot? Or grounded foot.

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Q: What do you call the foot in netball that hits the floor when the player has the ball?
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Why is netball call netball?

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

What is the differences between Netball and Handball?

ball in net is call netball and hand ball is that with which we play

How you call Pushing the ball to hit the floor to get it to another team member is?

a bounce pass

How do you spell netball in french?

Netball is not a word in french because it is not played in France. If someone were to refer to netball they would just call it "netball".

What does the referee in volleyball game mean when he points his finger towards the floor?

This call is used when the ball hits the floor on one side of the court, so the referee points it at the floor, signifying the ball landed on that side and was in bounds.

When playing out a point whose responsibility is it to call a ball in or out?

the player whose side the ball is on

What are the fouls called in netball?

Usually there is no such thing as a "foul " in netball , but people somtimes call fouls if there is and obsturction (blocking) , Contact , advantage contact , out of play, offside stepping, breaking, an untouched qauter or when the ball goes out of the court.

Please explain to me the rule of double dribbling in basketball. There is a video where the girl alternately touches the ball with both hands without touching the floor?

Double dribbling can happen if the ball comes at rest at any time while a player has it. If a player with possession of the ball touches it twice before it touches the floor, they may receive a double dribbling call. Here is a pic so u understand better:

What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?

A quarterback.

What Digging in volleyball?

The word digging in volleyball stands for when you are going down and hit the floor with your kneepads and hit the floor and bump the ball!!! Also most people call the person out in the "left back" they are called diggers which they dig the balls they get on there knees and hit it!!**A "dig" is when a ball is spiked from the opposing side, and a player "dives" to get or pass up the ball, and is successful.

What is fast-netball?

Fast-netball is actually referred to as Fast-Net. This is a faster and simpler version of the original game. The coach can call off a player and switch postions during the game instead of during breaks. This type of netball came about in around 2007.

Netball tips for a center player?

Center is one of the hardest positions to play. You always have to be there for the ball. Here are some tips: 1. Hold your player then wave your hand behind your head and call for the ball. Most likely they will give you a lob. 2. Move forward and then go back and then forward if you didn't get the ball the first time. 3. Fill in all the empty spaces. Hope that's enough.

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