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Q: What do you call a do over serve in tennis?
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What do you call a failed serve in tennis?


What do you call a tennis do over?

It is called a 'Let'

What does get mean in tennis?

Do you mean "let"? If so, a let is when a serve touches/nicks the net AND lands in on a player's serve. People call "let" so the server knows their serve hit the net. If a server hits a let, they get to redo their serve.

What is area of tennis ground?

I am not sure but just call your local tennis place

Can you step over the boundary line when you serve?

No, you CANT step over the serving line when you serve in volleyball. The "ref" on the side of the court, on the stand, will call it, and give a point to the opposing team. Usually the line judge should call it....

What is the difference between a let and a net call in tennis?

Let is when the ball goes over the net and lands inside the box but hits the net going over, Let is only on a serve. Net is when the ball hits the net and fails to go get over the net.

What joints are used in a tennis serve?

Almost all of your joints are used in tennis, but the main ones in a tennis serve are the knee joints, and elbow joints.

Is a light serve allowed in Tennis?

Of course! As long as it doesn't hit the net and then go over, it's fine.

Is the underarm serve rejected in tennis?

You can hit an underhand serve in tennis; however, the overhand serve is more effective because it is more powerful. That is why you don't see the underhand serve used much.

How do you return a tennis serve?


What happens at the start of tennis?

a serve

What can you serve but you can never eat?

A tennis ball!