Do Africans fight each other to the death with karate?

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I dont think so

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Q: Do Africans fight each other to the death with karate?
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Why africans fight each other?

africans fight each other because they belive that they should

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The word "karate" literally means empty hands, meaning the ability to fight without weapons, through use of hands, feet, elbows and other body parts.

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The methods of teaching in karate vary from school to school. Sparring practice is often included in the curriculum of a dojo. So no, you don't 'fight' buy you may spar. No one is supposed to be mad or angry and everyone is supposed to have full control.

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means death

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there are no such things as jujitsu karate

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Mostly other Africans.

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Karate is an Okinawa/Japanese word that is used as is to name the art in other countries. The Germans call it karate, as to almost all other countries.

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