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They are the ones who try to score with the middies

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Q: What do the attackmen do in lacrosse?
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Does Lacrosse have attackmen?

Yes 3 attackmen 3 midfielders 3 defensemen 1 goalie

Is it better to have a heavy or light lacrosse shaft for attackmen?

Light but u need it to be strong also.

What do defenders do in lacrosse?

Defenders are suppose to help make sure the other team's attackmen don't shoot.

How many players are on a lacrosse men's team?

10 1 Goalie 3 Midfielders (Middies) 3 Attackmen 3 Defensemen

How many players are on a field during a lacrosse game and what positions?

There are 3 attackmen, 3 midfielders, and 3 defensmen, and a goalie for each team.

How many people are needed in a game of men's lacrosse?

a total of 10 players, 1 goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackmen.

How many players can play lacrosse?

there are 10 players on a lax field at one time. 3 attackmen, 3 defense, 3 middies, and one goalie

How many players are on a boy's high school lacrosse team?

The minimum required is 10. 3 Midfielders, 3 Attackmen, 3 Defensemen and 1 Goalie.

What is off sides in lacrosse?

off sides is when there are too many players when on one side of the field such as an attackmen crossing the midfield line with all 3 midfielders past it

What is the Height of the average lacrosse player?

midfielders should be from 5' 10" to 6' 4" attackmen should be from 5' 8" to 6' 2" and defenders should be 5' 11" to 6' 6"

How long do you run in lacrosse?

until you get hurt, too tired, or the coach pulls you out. for attackmen they are limited to their side of the midfield line, for defense its the same, but midfielders (middies) are allowed to roam the entire field.

What is the best Lacrosse Mesh for an attackmen?

Some of the smaller dimond mesh have more shot speed, but a loss of hold. and vice versa (opposite) for bigger mesh sizes choose the one you would need.

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