What does attacker mean in soccer?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The attacker in both mens and womens Lacrosse is an offencive player who usually plays in front or around the goal area

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a player positioned, by preference or the managers choice, in the third nearest the oppisitions goal

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Q: What does attacker mean in soccer?
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What is the breakaway term mean in soccer?

When the offender out plays the defense of an apposing team and all that's between them is the offender and the keeper. The offender has possession. Oh and um.... HI

What is the equivalent to a basketball guard in soccer?

There is none but Attacker is the closest thing

What position does Juan Pablo angel play in soccer?

He is a striker. An attacker. A forward.

What a forwards do in soccer?

the main role as a forward,attacker or striker is to score goals

What does mantis mean?

attacker of the preys..

Who is Claudio Miguel Pizarro?

He is a soccer player in Peru. His position is the attacker. You can find a picture of him at:

What are the four positions in soccer that a player can play?

There are way more than 4. But the basic positions are: Goalkeeper Defender Midfielder Attacker