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Boston college does in fact have a girl's Lacrosse team, but is lacking a men's.

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Q: Does Boston college have a lacrosse team?
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Did Hopkins lacrosse ever play Boston college lacrosse?

Not likely, Boston College Lacrosse is a MCLA not NCAA like Hopkins

How many players in college lacrosse?

Sorry, but that last answer was terrible and I had to change it. Depending on what conference you are in there are about 30 to 35 players on a college lacrosse team

What lacrosse team did mikey Powell play on?

MLL Team Boston CannonsF. Teams Baltimore Bayhawks

Does the Onondaga tribe play lacrosse?

yes, there juco team is the best junior college lacrosse school in the country

Does Savannah college of art and design have a womens lacrosse team?

yes, it does. it also has a mens team

Team name of Boston College?

They don't have one it's just Boston College. The Boston College athletic teams are called the Eagles.

When was Boston Bolts - lacrosse - created?

Boston Bolts - lacrosse - was created in 1975.

What college was voted as the sports fans' favorite team?

boston college

The Boston College football team competes in what division?

Boston College is in the Atlantic Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Who is the best college lacrosse team?

Virginia, UNC, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, Duke, and Cornell

Who was the last team admitted into the ACC?

Boston College

What college plays lacrosse on the east coast?

Boston College, Syracuse, Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Maryland and many, many more. Lax is very popular there.