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In a match, Netball umpires control the half of the court to their right and the entire sideline which they are placed on. They follow the ball as it travels down the court and pull up any broken rules or mistakes the players make by blowing their whistle and awarding a penalty or free pass. When the ball is shot through the hoop the umpire blows their whistle to signify a goal and at the start of every centre if the last goal was scored in their half they blow the whistle to start play. At the start of the game or at the start of a new quarter the umpire who is controlling play in the half where the ball is headed blows the whistle. If two players catch the ball at the same time the umpire decides possession by doing a toss up and if a player is injured during play they signal to the umpire who calls time and halts the game for up to two minutes. Before the start of the game it is necessary for the umpires to check the length of the player's nails and make sure none of them are wearing jewellrey.

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2009-02-14 09:08:06
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Q: What do netball umpires do in a match?
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