What do nba scouts look for?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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They look for efficentness,quicknees,scoring,athlicism,and other things you have to aquire to be something that the scout want they also look for your ability to handle game threatning situations and if your team is getting pounded then they look at the way you handle it and if it puts you in a harder position to score

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Q: What do nba scouts look for?
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Is their NBA scouts in San Diego?

Yes , NBA scouts are everywhere. Even though SD does not have a team, NBA scouts will come to watch college and even high school players.

What do I need to do to go to the NBA?

If you are currently in college just play there and then NBA scouts will come and decide if you are the right material

Do NBA scouts come to England?

Yes, they do. NBA scouts generally scatter across the globe to search for any hidden talent no one else may have heard of. Considering how not many NBA players were born in England, and how basketball is not that popular there, England would be a perfect place to find hidden talent.

What age should you start to try to get college soccer scouts look at you?

You should start trying to get college scouts to look at you at around age 16. This is when you will be a prime target for the scouts.

Do NBA scouts come to Zimbabwe or do basketball players from Zimbabwe have to go to a university in America?


How will you get drafted on to the NBA?

Selectors/draftees watch the college games and from there the selectors will ask you to come along for a meeting/trial and after that they will put you in ty drafting squad and then you will get drafted to team as rookie.

How was Antonio gates undrafted?

Gates did not play college football. He was a basketball player, a power forward, at Eastern Michigan and Kent State. After NBA scouts told him that, at 6' 4'', he was too small to play forward in the NBA he worked out for NFL scouts and was signed by the Chargers.

What does football scouts look for?

Well they look for talented footballers!!

What is Tyler up to?

Tyler is right now playing basketball and looking for talent scouts to put him in the NBA

How do you join scouts?

look in the news paper

Are any singers eagle scouts?

Eagle scouts can be anything they want to be or can have any talent they want. -- There are a lot of former scouts who are singers, but doesn't look like Eagle Scouts. The links have lists of famous scouts who became singers.

How do you play in the NBA without being drafted?

you have to be a good dedicated player then you will play in games that scouts are watching and hopefully you will be asked to play.... that happened to my friends cousin he plays on a nba team in Detroit