What do hurdlers where?

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Hurdlers hurdle on a track they jump over hurdles

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Q: What do hurdlers where?
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What do you call an Athlete who sprints over jumps?


Who are the top ranked hurdlers in Palm beach county?

Nik Verona and then Gabriel Urwin

Why do hurdlers take off on opposite legs?

They only do that if they take an even number of strides between hurdles.

What are three names of a cheer jump?

toe touch, hurkie also known as hurdlers by some ( right and left), pike

Does the height and weight of an athlete affect the time in the hurdles?

The height of a person does not directly affect the athlete, but it really does help to be on the taller side. however, i have known some pretty good hurdlers who arent all that tall.

How can you calculate your 400 hurdle time?

The best male 400 hurdlers run about 2 seconds slower and the women run about 3. The average difference for an efficient hurdler is about 5 seconds for guys and 7 seconds for girls

What is the 1OOM Boys and 55M distance for middle schoolers hurdlers?

The difference between 100 and 55 hurdles is that 100 has twice as many hurdles and is twice as long in length. 100 M is the full straightaway and the 55 is about half

What is the average number of hurdles knocked down in a women 110m hurdles?

It depends on the individual. Far fewer hurdles are knocked down in women's hurdling than in men's because the hurdles are lower relative to the average height of women hurdlers.

Why is shot putt important?

The shot, a track and field event allows big strong guys to compete. Track and field, also called athletics has events for fast folks, endurance folks, jumping folks, hurdlers - something for everyone.

What is a good drill for running distance?

A good drill is running two laps and stretching. Make sure to stretch all parts of your body well. Not stretching properly can cause you to pull something when running. Do stretches such as: butterfly, hurdlers, reaching to your legs, and pretzels.

Is China famous for anything?

There are many things: Having a dictator who executed many people. Being the worlds biggest super-house. For one of their Hurdlers (WR slandered). Great food and economy. The Great Wall of China. The Terra-cotta Warriors. Fireworks. And many more...... MiniGenius™

What are some eight letter words with 2nd letter U and 3rd letter R and 4th letter D and 5th letter L?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 5 words with the pattern -URDL---. That is, eight letter words with 2nd letter U and 3rd letter R and 4th letter D and 5th letter L. In alphabetical order, they are: curdlers curdling hurdlers hurdling nurdling

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