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saddles, bridles, pads, and sometimes blinkers

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Q: What do horses wear when they race?
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What do race horses wear?

horse shoes

Do race horses wear horseshoes?


What is fitted on the horse eyes in a race?

Some horses wear blinkers

What are the additions that race horses wear that helps them to stay focused on whats in front of them?


What are the clothes worn by horses in race?

Horses don't wear clothing. they wear saddles, bridles, breastplates, martingales, etc. if you mean what do the jockeys wear in the races they're called silks. I hope this helps you

What do horses wear on their head to race?

They would wear a type of racing bridle, and probably blinkers (they are a black piece of plactic on a horses head behind the eyes do the horse can't see whats behind him)

What is the most horses to race in the Kentucky derby?

Twenty horses can race at a time

Are Morgan horses good race horses?

They can be good race horses against other Morgans, but not against Thoroughbreds or Quarter horses.

Why do race horses wear socks?

I think what you mean is wraps or boots... not socks They wear them for support and to protect their legs from scrapes if the legs interfere with each other

What is the name of a group of race horses?

They don't really have a name for a group of race horses as far as I know. Cause generally when racing, they compete against each other. And it's a solo race for the win. So there is no association with the other horses, like for example a team of basketball players. There is no real name for a pack of race horses or a herde of race horses, or horde of race horses..............

Famous race horses?

There have been several famous race horses over the years. Some of the race horses were Phar Lap, John Henry, and War Admiral.

What is the birthday of all race horses?

all race horses have the same birthday January first

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