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They can be good race horses against other Morgans, but not against Thoroughbreds or Quarter horses.

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Q: Are Morgan horses good race horses?
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Did any Morgan horses ever won a stakes race?

No, not in the nationally recognized way. Morgan horses do not race on flat tracks, and they do not have a recognized racing organization.

What horses can't barrel race?

Any breed of horse can barrel race some like quarter horses are bred to barrel race but i have a warmblood that i jump and barrel race and she is very good at both

What are Morgan horses commonly used for?

Today Morgan horses are ore commonly show horses, But some people do use them for driving, or working.

Are Morgan horses better than quarter horses?

This is a matter of opinion. They both have good things going for them, and which is better for you depends on what you are looking for in a horse.

What is the most horses to race in the Kentucky derby?

Twenty horses can race at a time

Do Morgan horses have a temper?

Yes, Morgan Horses do have a temper. They have a temper, if you are in a bad mood, or if they want something and don't get it.

What is the name of a group of race horses?

They don't really have a name for a group of race horses as far as I know. Cause generally when racing, they compete against each other. And it's a solo race for the win. So there is no association with the other horses, like for example a team of basketball players. There is no real name for a pack of race horses or a herde of race horses, or horde of race horses..............

Do Morgan horses hibernate?


Famous race horses?

There have been several famous race horses over the years. Some of the race horses were Phar Lap, John Henry, and War Admiral.

Do Morgan Horses have different names?

Just the name of 'Morgan horse'.

Horses for courses?

Horses of courses is a jumping term... like the track is what race horses race on, well a course is what jumpers jump on

Morgan horses were first bred in Vermont Why are they called Morgan horses?

The owner of the first Morgan horse was named Justin Morgan, and the "first Morgan" horse was also named Justin Morgan. This horse was the first of what are now called Morgans, and lived to be 32 years old. The breed took on the name, Morgan. This stallion was the very first sire of the popular breed. The Morgan Horse Club of America is the official source for all details on Morgan horses.

What is the birthday of all race horses?

all race horses have the same birthday January first

Where are Morgan horses found?

Morgan horses are found all over the North American continent and in some European countries as well.

How much horses race in a race?

The Kentucky Derby has 20 horses. But yeah, it's different from race to race. It's rare that there is more than 20 horses, but it happens. Usually 10-20, but sometimes only 2. But the Grand National has 40 horses.

What kind of horses are there in the world?

there are Morgan horses, stallions, and the are minigure ponies

Can Morgan horses jump?

Yes they can!

What is a Morgan horses predator?


Are Morgans good horses?

Morgans are good horses and they are good for alround but they have a BAD temperment (mostly mares) NO they don't... if you buy a low-class Morgan, you can end up with a bad temperament. My Morgan has the absolute BEST attitude- she is so loving and sweet. She would go off the edgeof the earth for me.

How many states do Morgan horses live?

Morgan horses live in all 50 states, they can be found in the highest numbers in the Northeast however.

Does Jesse sauder ride race horses?

Iris this is to prove my point."Yes he does ride race horses

Which horses are in the Kentucky Derby?

The horses that race in the Derby are Thoroughbred racing horses.

How many horses in a race?

it all depends on the race.

What do race horses vs regular horses eat?

* race horses eat horse food with a little bit of drugs in it *regular horses eat horse food

How much horses race in a race...All of the horse races in a race.?

Large races like the Kentucky Derby allows 20 horses. The average number for smaller races is 8 to 10 horses.