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Q: What do football players with dreads wear on their hair under their helmets?
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What do football players wear under there helmets?

some where "skull caps" which is like a compression type of material but in high school its a rule that you can't wear anything under your helmet

Why soccer players should not wear helmets?

Soccer players should not wear helmets because they are not an authorized part of a player's equipment under Law 4 of the IFAB's Laws of the Game, the rules the world plays by. This is because in soccer, actions which might cause head injury are disallowed, unlike in American (Gridiron) football, where players would be at a substantial and imminent risk without their helmet.

Why do quarterbacks take off their helemt and put on caps?

It keeps the sweat out of their eyes. Football players sweat a lot under those helmets and when they take them off, it will roll into their eyes. Some guys wear the skull caps under their helmets for the same reason, and so that their helmet doesn't pull their hair out when they take it off.

Do college football players have earphones in their helmets?

no ,,, they are not allowed to have microphones ,, but the quarterback and the middle linebacker on defense have speakers in their helmets to hear the play called from the coach ,, but the time that the speakers are active is short ,, just long enough to call a play ,,

Whats the name of the black du-rag look alike that goes under football helmets?

Skull cap, like from under armour

Can a player get a red card in under 10's football?

yes under 10s players can get a red card in a football match

What is warmer?

a boddy warem is whatt football players where under their footy shirts

What did Georgia football use before bones on helmets?

The bulldogs were awarded white stars under Vince Dooley era (1964-88).