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Q: What do Kobe like to do?
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What are earthquakes like in Kobe?

They are like earthquakes everywhere else, except you'd be in Kobe.

'What does Kobe Bryant like to do'?

Kobe Bryant likes to play basket ball

Why do Kobe inspire kid?

Kobe inspire kid because,kid that enjoy playing sports like Kobe at his childhood

Does Shaquille O'Neal like Kobe?


Does Kobe byrant do steroids?

Kobe Bryant does not take steroids he is just good like that

What shoe does Kobe Bryant like?


Why say Kobe when tossing trash?

I don't know. Probably for good look or acting like your Kobe when you try to shoot something in the trash can or maybe if you make it, you're supposedly like Kobe when shooting.

Does Shaquille O'Neal like Kobe Bryant?

no because Kobe caused shaq to get kicked off the lakers

Who they call lebron the next Kobe?

LeBron could be like Kobe after KB retires but he won't be the same

Who well win on a one on one Kobe Bryan are lebron James?

It looks like Kobe Bryant

Who a better basketball player Kobe Bryant or lebron James?

Its Kobe duh he just to good Lebron and Kobe are nothing alike its just like Kobe is to good for Lebron LeBron is way way WAY better than Kobe dude!

How does Pele look like?

He looks like a mix of Cosby and Kobe.

What does a Kobe Bryant autograph look like?


Why does Kobe Bryant like to be in the nba?

he likes basketball

What does Kobe Bryant like to do?

Play basketball!!! drrrhh!

Does Kobe Bryant like Pakistani people?

No he doesn't.

What is Kobe Bryant's family like?

They are cool and awesome

How many kids does Kobe Bryant?

like 2

How did the Kobe Earthquake affect the people of Kobe?

like der ded so dey dont care like a boss g g yo wazzup

Will people ten years from now treat Kobe like Michael Jordan?

Absolutely not. Never. No matter how much he wants to be like him in every way Kobe will never be. So stop trying Kobe, aka Dookie Dick.

Who is richer Kobe or Shaquille O'Neal?

Kobe of course......shaq been in the nba since 1995 and Kobe since 1997but except Kobe's first 2-3 yrs. he take like $21 million for 1 yr.

How did Kobe looked like when he won his first ring?

Kobe Bryant has his hair grown out at the time. He later shaved his head.

Kobe or vince carter?

Kobe now Vince Carter in his prime

How do you play like Kobe?

you dont. you cant. no one ever will.

How fast is Kobe Bryant?

like a bijillion miles and hour