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no because Kobe caused shaq to get kicked off the lakers

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:25:18
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Q: Does Shaquille O'Neal like Kobe Bryant?
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What was Kobe Bryant's childhood like?

his childhood was great because he had a father that played basketball. joe Bryant took Kobe with him in Italy. Kobe loved soccer and his favorite team was FC Barceleno He moved to Italy because his father (Bill "JellyBean" Bryant) played in the NBA but then went over seas to play ball. He moved back years later to philadelphia to play at lower merion h.s. He went to the NBA in 97' straight from h.s.

How many 3 point shots does Kobe Bryant usually make in one game?

Approximately about well i really don't know cause like he is a good athlete and all but sometimes his shots are just way off or way to hard but overall the is the best basketball player on the lakers GO KOBE BRYANT GG OO GG OO LETS GO KOBE BRYANT LIFE YOUR LIFE AND DON'T QUIT DONING BASKETBALL EVERYBODY LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Who are the top ten players in basketball?

Currently, the list goes like this: # LeBron James # Chris Paul # Kobe Bryant # Dwyane Wade # Dwight Howard # Amare Stoudemire # Chris Bosh # Steve Nash # Kevin Garnett # Kevin Martin

What NBA players have scored 40 or more points in a single game?

Jordan chamberlian Kobe McGrady Yao Shaq Magic and much more Dear Friends. Please answer more professional to these questions. There are more than 100 active players who have score 40 or more points in a single game even not the superstars, like (Al Harrington,B.Jennings, Ben Gordon, Jermaine Oneal, Antwan Jamison, Monta Ellis, Kevin Durant, Dany Granger, Kevin Martin, Ray Allen, and some many others .... ) So i only know that Micheal Jordan has 173 40+ games in his career and Kobe Bryant has 100 40+ games in his career. if someone knows about the whole list of 40+ scorer, we are waiting please.

How much money do nba players get paid?

Well it depends, if it's a popular NBA player like Kobe Bryant, then it would be $20M - $25M. If it's a less popular player, like JJ Barea, Then the least would be around $1M and the most would be $7M - $10M. JJ Barea makes $5M, BTW.

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