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Field Hockey:

The saucer pass, passed a few inches off ice to go over opposing players' sticks.

A normal, on the ground pass.

Also, the flip pass where you just flip it up to other player.

The dump pass, where you dump it and your teammate chases after it and attempts to get it.

Ice Hockey:

Backhand pass, forehand pass, saucer pass, tip pass, shot pass, drop pass, no look (or blind) pass, cross ice pass, around the boards pass, bank pass, flutter pass.

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there are many types of passes which include:

  • The Push Pass, open stick and reverse stick
  • The Hit
  • The Flick
  • The Aerial Ball, scoop or flick
  • The Clip Hit
  • The Sweep
  • The long handed Sweep

Please take a look at some of the videos i have on the link below.

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There are various ways to pass a ball; the ones usually used are hits and pushes, while aerials are less common.

  • A hit involves hitting the ball with the stick, using the flat side of the stick.
  • A push involves placing the stick in contact first, then moving it quickly to create movement.
  • For an aerial, the ball is pushed so that it raises off the ground, normally to evade players who might otherwise intercept it or to get it a long distance.
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There are many different shots, passes in Field Hockey but below is a list of the most common ones.

Push Pass (on the Move)

Slap Hit (on the Move)

Clip Hit (on the Move)

Hit (on the Move)

Reverse Sweep (on the Move)

Reverse Hit (on the Move)

Low Flick Pass (on the Move)

Ariel Pass (on the Move)

These can be done in a Stationary position or on the move.

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Hits: hit, sweep, tomahawk, backhand. Pushes: drag, push, scoop. Flicks: flick, dragflick.

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Slap Shot, Push Pass, Choke, and Drive are the types of passes in Field Hockey.

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Q: What different shots are their in field hockey?
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