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Hockey Man

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Q: Do they keep blocked shots as a stat in hockey?
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What does the basketball stat BA stand for?

Blocked Attempt

Where can you find a list of hockey player puck speeds?

== == This is not a stat that is kept, except for the annual All Star game, when there is a Skills Competition, during the pregame events. The speed is clocked with a traffic radar gun, an average speed of 5 shots by each player in the competition. This is a voluntary event.

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What does DS S mean in hockey stats?

S = Shot DS = Dangerous Shot Meaning that the shot was a quality scoring chance and not a routine stop by a goaltender. ie. shot on goal from the blueline into the goaltenders chest. You might see the stat look something like this; DS/S 2/5 The player had 5 shots on goal and of those 5 shots, 2 were quality scoring chances.

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What is the plus minus stat in hockey mean?

What happens is when a goal is scored, all the players on the scoring team get plus one on their plus-minus rating, and all the players on the scored on team gets minus one on their rating. signed Hockey Man

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What is the stat PIM in ice hockey?

It stands for Penalties In Minutes. Each penalty is assigned a certain amount of minutes - most minors are 2 minutes; double minors are 4 minutes; majors are 5 minutes; and game misconducts are 10 minutes. This stat keeps track of the total amount of minutes the player has accumulated for the year.

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