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They received great honor and that was the main reason for competing was being the best. They also usually received a trophy and lot of olive oil and other goods. Also they would go back to their home town or city and be considered a hero and be treated almost like a modern day president with respect nd they could do and get whatever they wanted.

In the original Olympic games, in Greece, winners of the games received a crown of olive leaves that adorned their head during the award ceremony. Some were also given a prize of a branch from a wild olive tree.

In addition, winners would be given the task and honor of extending gratitude to Zeus and according to Greek mythology, Zeus and the rest of his Olympian Gods would as a result favor the town of a winning athlete and bestow good things upon them.

Mainly, winners of Olympic games had the fame and popularity in their hometown and villages.

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Q: What did the winners of the ancient Olympic games receives in place of medals?
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