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Q: What did the sweets taste like in the olden days?
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What were the shops like in the olden days?

what were shops like in the olden days

How does the olden coco cola taste like?


What were the school dinners like in the olden days?

I can tell you what they were like when I was at school - Dry, lumpy potato, undercooked vegetables & tough meat. The sweets we're too bad apart from the lumpy custard !

What were cars like in the olden days?

BY "olden days" is it the 50's,60's,70',s etc

How is housing in the olden days like?


What does happiness taste like?

It tastes like sweets, mouthwatering and pizza

What was the theatre like in the olden days?

it is big or a theater

How was school like in the olden days?

it was realy strict

What do lemonhead sweets taste like?

What do you think it taste like? It tastes so delicious I love them and redhots but there nowhere to be found is England

Does anyone else not like the taste of sweets?

Well there are an amount of people that don't like sweets, but there are people that do. The vast variety of flavors and textures indicates that different sweets appeal to different people. Some people do not like the sickly sweet taste of certain confectionery items, while others cannot stand the texture.

Why do children like junk food and sweets?

Television advertisements on these food induce them to taste them.

What was the fashion like in the olden days?

the fashion was really old and not that speaciall.