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They looked very much like the skis we use today.

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Q: What did the first skis look like?
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Do you control your own ski turns?

yes. you look, and your skis turn the way you look. its like magic:)

Use skis in a sentence as a verb?

My crush skis like a pro!

Where can one buy discounted skis online?

The best place to search for discounted skis online is a place like Kijii where people post their used skis. If a person was looking for new they could check sporting good stores and look for sales.

What were the first skis made of?


What where the first skis made out of?

Skis were originally wooden planks made from a single piece of wood.

How have skis changed over the years?

the skis were made out of wooden back when they were first found now they are made out of fiberglass and over the years the skis have got shorter

Can you use a candle to wax your skis?

i just waxed my skis with a candle that i melted with an iron onto the skis scraped and smoothened the surface..tested the skis on slopes.seems like my skis made a squeeking sound on the snow..but all in all it worked well

Where were the first pairs of skis found?

Skis weren't just found - they were invented. No single person is credited with the invention of the original ski. According to the International Skiing History Association, the first record of skis is from rock paintings and skis preserved in bogs that are at least 5,000 years old. These ancient skis were used by hunters and trappers.

What is afterbang on skis?

its when you ride out like a thug

What country played skiing first?

Skis were first invented in Norway.

When was the first pair of skis to come out?

year 1

What were the first pair of skis made of?

they were made out of wood.

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