What did the first painball gun look like?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The first paintball guns were used to mark cattle. They resembled a pistol.

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Q: What did the first painball gun look like?
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Will a 50 cal painball gun hold 68cal painballs?

The hopper will, but it won't be able to fire them.

How old to own a painball gun?

You must be 18 to purchase paintball equipment.

What does a ray gun look like?

A ray gun?

How do you take apart your painball gun?

It depends on the model. Most Tippmanns and Tippmann clones have screws on one side that split the receiver in half, While most other guns parts come out of the back. Ask an experienced player to show you how to the first few times, or if you are mechanically inclined, just look at some Youtube videos of cleaning.

What does a A-K 47 look like?

like a gun i meaning a really big gun

Can co2 painball gun be adapted to use compressed air?

Yes, the tanks have the same size fitting to connect them... Co2 is hard on the seals so may want to go through and replace them...

Who to play Baku gun?

What dose MaskerAd look like

What does a bb gun look like on the inside?

It depends on the model

What does the World War 2 495th AAA gun BN shoulder patch look like?

The 495th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion's shoulder patches were First Army or Third Army.

What does Jeff hardys symbol look like?

It looks like a gun,but pointing up

What does the GUN x SWORD look like?

Actually it a gun dagger. The dagger is mounted below the gun barrel. The idea is very old.

What does a MP-44 gun look like?

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