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Q: What did the Buddha teach about martial arts?
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What types of martial arts teach you defense and attack moves or are the individual types of martial arts for both?

All styles of martial arts do.

Do martial arts schools teach kendo?

Yes there are martial art schools that teach Kendo

Where does Jackie Chan teach martial arts?

Jackie Chan does not teach.

Do martial arts teach disarm techniques?

It depends on the specific martial art. Most of the arts will teach something along the lines of defense against weapons.

Is there a legend for martial arts?

There are many, many legends involving the martial arts. One is that the Asian Martial Arts originated with an Indian prince who came to study Buddha, and ended up creating Kung Fu and Zen.

Where would you work if you instructed martial arts?

You would teach in a martial arts school. The Japanese would call it a dojo.

How many and which martial arts teach axe kicks?

Many martial arts have the Axe kick, maybe just known by different names.

Do many kickboxing schools also teach martial arts?

Actually, kickboxing is a form of Martial Arts. And mostly, kickboxing schools do teach other disciplines. But if the major concentration of school is 100% kickboxing, then Kickboxing only.

What is the goal of a Martial Arts Instructor?

The goal is for the instructor to teach his or her students in such a way that they surpass him or her

What do they teach in martial arts?

There are a number of key lessons to learn in martial arts. An understanding of one's body and its limitations is important. Most teach through a series of repetitive movements or sequences. Various techniques and combat skills are the end result.

What are some Utah businesses that teach the arts of self defense?

Some of the Utah Businesses that teach the arts of self defense include Paul Tom's Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, United Studios of Self Defense, Amy's Martial Arts, Champion Karate, Bobby Lawrence Karate, and Krav Maga.

Do you need a license to teach martial arts in caifornia?

There is no martial arts license required in California. However, to run a business will require a business license and meeting the appropriate health codes.