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The goal is for the instructor to teach his or her students in such a way that they surpass him or her

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Q: What is the goal of a Martial Arts Instructor?
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How do you smack someone?

Consult your martial arts instructor.

How do you say martial arts instructor in Japanese?

"Sensei" means 'one who has gone before' and is usually associated with a teacher or mentor. You can call a martial arts instructor 'sensei' in Japanese.

What is the name for a martial arts instructor?

It depends upon the martial art. It can also differ based on the rank of the instructor. Japanese martial arts refer to the instructor as sensei. Sensei is Japanese for teacher, literally translating before born or one who is born before. Chinese arts use the term 'sifu.' Korean arts use the term 'saboom.'

Can you ask questions about the martial arts?

{| |- | Yes, you can ask questions about martial arts. It isn't polite to interrupt an instructor in the middle of an explaination, but a good instructor will give you the opportunity to ask things. You can also approach the instructor before or after class. |}

Where can one learn how to do a headscissor KO?

One can learn to do a headscissor KO from any certified martial arts instructor, or a skilled mixed martial arts instructor. Also, one can learn from the internet.

What are Bruce Lee's achievements?

Martial artist, martial arts instructor, actor, film director, screenwriter

What is Bruce Lees jobs?

Martial artist, martial arts instructor, actor, film director, screenwriter

Who's mark dacascos father?

martial arts instructor Al Dacascos

How long does it take to become a martial arts instructor?

3 or 4 years

What does shihan mean?

It is Japanese and means 'master instructor' usually used in the martial arts for a mid-grade instructor.

What are some of Bruce Lees accomplishments?

Martial artist, martial arts instructor, actor, film director, screenwriter

In the TV series Longstreet who played Longstreets martial arts instructor?

Bruce Lee

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