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Soccer goal posts must not be more than 5 in (12 cm) and must be the same as the width of the lines on the field.

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Q: What diameter are the posts of a soccer goal?
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What is the depth of a soccer goal?

The question is ambiguous. There is no requirement that a soccer goal have a net. The posts themselves must be 5 in (12 cm) or less in diameter.

What is the distance between goal posts in soccer?

An ambiguous question. Posts of the same goal or posts from opposite goals?

Are square soccer posts legal?

Soccer goal posts are not supposed to be square, it's too dangerous for the goal keeper. They are supposed to be round.

How far apart are the goal posts in soccer?

The goal posts are 24 feet (8 yards) apart.

How wide are soccer goal posts?

8 feet

How do you engineer a soccer goal?

Find the dimensoins of the goal posts, then the braces. use the circufrence of the pole for your posts and braces

Where do the goal posts go in a soccer field?

The end of the field.

Another name for the posts and crossbar of a goal in soccer?


What is the regulation thickness of a soccer goal frame?

The goal posts, cross bars, and lines on the field must all be same width/diameter. This cannot exceed 12 cm (5 in).

Is football goal posts made of metal?

Most football goal posts are made of some type of metal. Football goal posts for the NFL are made out of steel with a mixture of aluminum. Soccer goal posts are usually aluminum or plastic with a net in between the posts.

What material is used to make soccer goal posts?

PVC pipes.

Goal post what is wider between soccer and American football?

Soccer goal posts are 8 yards apart. Someone else care to document distance between American football posts?

What does 'goal line' mean in soccer?

It is the line on the ground between the goal posts. If the ball crosses it, a goal has been scored.

How many goal post are used in a soccer match?

about 2 or 4 posts

How wide is a goalpost?

For a professional soccer game the goal posts are 8 yards apart. As the age of the players diminishes so does the distance between the goal posts.

Soccer word that starts with the letter U?

The word "uprights" refers to the vertical goal posts that supports the goal crossbar.

The goalposts and crossbar the same width?

The goal posts and cross bar should be the same diameter.

What size are mini rugby league goal posts?

hi, dimensions are as follows- The goal posts are 3m wide and 3.5m high with the crossbar located 2m above the ground.The goal posts are made of 50mm diameter PVC tubing. Have Fun I know my Kids Love It.

How do you score in soccer?

A goal is awarded when the ball exits the field across the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the cross bar when the ball is in play.

How far the wall stand on a free kick in soccer?

They have to be at least 10 yards away or on their own goal line between the goal posts.

How do you goal in Gaelic football?

A Gaelic football goal is like a rugby goal and a soccer goal stuck together. You could think of it like a soccer goal with posts extending beyond the cross bar. The posts are 6.5 metres apart, with a height of not less than 7 metres above ground level. A cross bar is fixed to the goal posts at a height of 2.5 metres. To score you have to put the ball between the posts, either above the cross bar for one point or into the goal itself for 3 points. The ball can be kicked or punched, but not thrown, in order to score.

What are the measurements of soccer goal post?

The inner edges of the vertical goal posts must be 7.3 m (8 yd) apart, and the lower edge of the horizontal crossbar supported by the goal posts must be 2.44 m (8 ft) above the ground.

How far must the opposing team be away from a free kick in soccer?

10 yards or on their own goal line between the goal posts, whichever is closer.

What is get a goal in soccer?

a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

Is the goal post called a field goal?

In American Football, the goal posts are called the goal posts. A field goal is when a ball is place kicked or drop kicked between the goal posts and above the cross bar.