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Baseball games are played on every day of the week. Everyday is a good day for baseball.

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Q: What days are baseball games played on?
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Why are Baseball games played over 3 days?

For travel purposes. Monday and Thursday are the travel days and 3 game series fit into this.

What is the duration of Baseball's Seasons?

Baseball seasons are 180 days long. In that time frame, 162 games are played.

Where the baseball is played?

baseballs are played in baseball games, usually on a baseball diamond

How many baseball games were played in 1927?

was it 154 games.

The number on consecutive baseball games played by Lou Gerig?

From 1925-1939 Lou Gehrig played in 2130 consecutive baseball games.

Who played most Major League Baseball games?

Pete Rose played in 3,562 games.

How many games are played in the Oddset hockey series?

The Oddset Hockey Games were played in February 2012 over the course of three days. Within these three days, 6 games were played amongst various countries.

What is the average days played on call of duty?

The average days played for all call of duty games are 490,000,000

How many games were played in 1908 in baseball?

Teams in the 1908 season played a schedule of 154 games.

What is baseball played in?

Baseball games are played in a field. Professional games are generally played in stadiums. The sport is American - but has roots in other cultural games. Currently, the sport is popular in the USA, Latin America, Canada, and Japan.

What spanish games are played in Spain?

video games are popular in spain these days

How many games played in baseball season?