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For travel purposes. Monday and Thursday are the travel days and 3 game series fit into this.

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Q: Why are Baseball games played over 3 days?
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How many games are played in the Oddset hockey series?

The Oddset Hockey Games were played in February 2012 over the course of three days. Within these three days, 6 games were played amongst various countries.

Over how many days is the world cup being played?

It is played for 30 days a month.

Which players have played 400 premiership games?

Ryan Giggs asplayed over 750 games in the E.P.L. and Gary has played over 568 games.

How many days are the Beijing Olympic games held over?

20 days the olympic games are held for boyaa bet u didnt no that

Which NBA athlete has played in the most basketball games?

# Robert Parish with 1,611 games played over 21 seasons

How many rugby league games has Daryn Lockyer played?

over 300 games

What person on the Ottawa senators has played over 1000?

Daniel alfredsson has played over 1000 games with the Ottawa senators

Who played the most baseball games without missing one game?

Cal Ripken 2,632 Consecutive Games PlayedCal Ripken Jr. holds the record for most baseball games played without missing on game. The consecutive games played streak by Cal Ripken started on May 30, 1982. On September 6, 1995 Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's record when he played in game number 2131. Cal would finish his career with 2,632 consecutive game over a 16 year period. Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 consecutive games set in 1939 was played over a 14 year period.

What does a Q stand for in baseball?

I have played baseball and coached baseball for over 45 years and I have NEVER seen a Q in baseball.

What is the objective of cricket?

At its most basic, in cricket two teams take it turn to bat and the team with the highest score wins. There are two basic forms; limited over and limited time. Limited over games are usually played over a few hours with each team batting once; this format is played by both amateurs and professionals. Time limited games are usually professional games which are played over several days (between 4 or 5 in the UK) with each team batting twice.

Who was the only baseball player to play over 500 games at each of five different positions?

The answer is Pete Rose who played 671 games in left field, 594 games in right field, 939 games at first base, 628 games at second base, and634 games at third base.

Which Phillies player played over 2000 games?

Mike Schmidt with 2404 games. Only one player in Phillies history has played more than 2000 games for the team and that is Schmidt. There have been a few players that played the majority of their career with the Phillies and played in over 2000 games total but not 2000 with the Phillies. Tony Taylor played in 1669 games with the Phillies and 2195 games total. Richie Ashburn played in 1794 games with the Phillies and 2189 games total. Sherry McGee played in 1521 games for the Phillies and 2087 games total. Cy Williams played in 1463 games with the Phillies and 2002 games total.

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