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From 1925-1939 Lou Gehrig played in 2130 consecutive Baseball games.

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Q: The number on consecutive baseball games played by Lou Gerig?
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What were the baseball teams of the 1920's?

all I know is the Yankees with babe rith and Lou gerig

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Why did they callou gerig the iron horse?

"Iron horse" is a nickname for a locomotive, the strong and powerful vehicle that pulls all the other cars of a train down the tracks. Lou Gehrig was very strong and powerful, hitting all those home runs (493 in his MLB career) and playing every game (he played 2130 consecutive MLB games).

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Lou gerig card?

A 1961 Topps Lou Gehrig card number 405 has a book value of about $100.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

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Who did Lou Gerig replace at what position?

Walter Clement "Wally" Pipp was an American first baseman for the New York Yankees, now best remembered as the man who lost his starting role to Lou Gehrig.

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From the ad for next weeks episode they said she has ALS also known as Lou Gerig's disease. Terrible disease that robs you of muscle control but leaves your mind intact. Hoping I heard wrong.

Why did Lou gerig retire at early age?

Gehrig was diagnosed with a rare disease, Amniotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, today often called "Lou Gehrig's Disease". The disease destroyed his motor skills and caused his death within a short time.

Who striked out Babe Ruth and Lou gerig a girl?

The Girl That Struck Out Ruth and GehrigJackie Mitchell, "the girl who struck out Babe Ruth. The 17-year old Jackie signed a contract to be a pitcher for the Chattanooga Lookouts men's baseball team. The Lookouts are a minor league class AA farm team in the New York Yankees organization.On April 2, 1931 the New York Yankees stopped in Chattanooga for an exhibition game on their way home from spring training. Jackie came into the game in the middle of the first inning and proceeded to strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back to back! The story immediately made national headlines. A few days later, Baseball Commissioner Landis voided Mitchell's contract, claiming that baseball was "too strenuous" for a woman.

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What is the value of a baseball in fair condition that is signed by both Babe Ruth and Lou Gerig in 1929 and another that is signed by just Babe Ruth?

Assuming the signatures on the balls are authentic, the value and interest to collectors becomes a function of: 1) the clarity, legibility and overall condition of the signatures on the ball(s), 2) the condition and type of ball ("Official American League"?), and possibly, 3) the provenance; where and when obtained, may also dramatically affect value. If genuine, this ball would be worth between $1500 to as much as $2500, depending on the aforementioned factors. One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. The type of baseball will also effect the price with an Official American league baseball from Ruth's playing days being of the most value.A baseball in poor condition with a weak signature could sell in the $4,000. price range or less, and a minty baseball with a strong signature could sell in the $15,000 price range or more.A signature with the quotation marks around "Babe" typifies his pre-1928 autograph and will sell at a higher value as well. To show that the baseball was signed in 1929 the ball might have to be dated by the Babe or Lou. This will be considered an inscription, and sell for more.A Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig duel signed baseball is worth about $15,000. -$30,000. Price will vary based on the type of baseball signed, condition of both the baseball and signatures, and what type of authenticity that accompanies the signatures. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.In an auction held in May of 2007 a pristine example of this duel signed baseball sold for $33,460. and another sold for $26,290. in October 2007 an excellent duel signed Ruth Gehrig baseball signed with the quotation marks around "Babe" sold for $14,340.Lots of these Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig baseballs were signed during Barnstorming tours of the US. Below is a link to a great baseball that sold for about $25,000. The Babe Ruth Autograph signed on the Baseball with the inscription: "I'll Punch Lou in the Nose" and the Lou Gehrig Autographed inscription: "To my friend Kay from H.L. Gehrig The kid known as Lou" Check it out.

How can you tell if the signature of Lou Gerig and Babe Ruth are real in a photograph?

A facsimile signature is a pre printed signature usually used on Souvenir baseballs, promotional photos, Postcards, Bats, Gloves, advertisings etc. A preprint, or facsimile is simply a photographic copy of an original signed photograph. A preprint signature often appears to be below the surface gloss of the photo, and the signature is often very "flat." Hold the photo up at an angle to a light source. A real signature is written on the surface of the photo, and should have a different level of reflectivity than the rest of the surface. A preprint will blend right in with the surface because it's underneath the surface gloss.

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Nelson MandelaNelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 Julie, 1918) was die eerste staatshoof (1994-1999) van 'n volledig demokratiese Suid-Afrika. Hy is in 1999 as staatshoof deur Thabo Mbeki opgevolg.//Vroeëre leweRolihlala Mandela is op 18 Julie 1918 in Qunu, in die Transkei in die destydse Unie van Suid-Afrika, gebore. Op sewejarige leeftyd word hy die eerste lid van sy familie wat skool toe gaan. Hier ontvang hy sy Engelse noemnaam, "Nelson", van 'n onderwyseres.Ná matriek studeer Mandela aan die Universiteit van Fort Hare, waar hy Oliver Tambo ontmoet, 'n lewenslange vriend en later kollega in die stryd ("struggle") om die bevryding van die agtergeblewe volke van Suid-Afrika.Politieke bedrywighedeReeds as jeugdige en student verset Mandela hom teen regeringsoptrede wat die swart bevolking hul politieke, maatskaplike en ekonomiese regte ontneem. In 1942 word Mandela lid van die ANC en, saam met kamerade soos Walter Sisulu en Oliver Tambo en verskeie ondersteuners, stig hulle in 1944 die ANC Jeugliga.Die Afrikaner-beheerde Nasionale Party verkry in 1948 politieke beheer en ontwikkel die apartheidsbeleid wat op rasse-segregasie gegrond is. Mandela is prominent in die ANC se versetaksie van 1952 asook die 1955-kongres waartydens die Vryheidshandves aangeneem word.Uit die aard van die saak word die opstandelinge telik vervolg. Die regspraktyk Mandela & Tambo verleen egter goedkoop en selfs gratis regshulp aan swart beskuldigdes, wat andersins sonder enige regsverteenwoordiging hoegenaamd in die hof sou moes verskyn.Mandela is immer teen gewelddadige verset. Massa-aksie lei daartoe dat hy en 150 ander op 5 Desember 1956 in hegtenis geneem en van hoogverraad aangekla word. Die verhoor duur 5 jaar tot in 1961, maar al die beskuldigdes word vrygespreek.In 1960 skiet die SA Polisie na oproeriges in Sharpeville en word die ANC en anti-apartheidsgroepe verbied. Ná hierdie gebeurtenis, wat as 'n slagting onder die oproeriges beskou word, besluit Mandela en sy volgelinge om hulle tot gewapende verset te wend.Arrestasie en gevangesettingIn 1961 is Mandela leier van die ANC se gewapende vleuel Umkhonto we Sizwe.Op 5 Augustus 1962 word Mandela in hegtenis geneem, nadat hy vir 17 maande op vlug was en word te die Johannesburg Fort in gevangenis geplaas.Op 25 Oktober 1962 is Mandela tot 5 jaar gevangesetting gevonnis en op 11 Junie 1964 word hy skuldig bevind en uitspraak gelewer betreffende sy voorafgaande betrokkenheid in die ANC.PresidentskapPresident van die ANC (Julie 1991 - Desember 1997)Staatspresident van die RSA (Mei 1994 - Junie 1999)Huwelike [wysig]Egskeiding ontbind sy eerste huwelik van 13 jaar met Evelyn Ntoko Mase in 1957. Sy tweede huwelik is met Winnie Madikizela, wat na 38 jaar eindig met egskeiding in Maart 1996. Die derde huwelik is op 18 Julie 1998 (Mandela se 80ste veraarsdag) met Graça Machel (weduwee van die voormalige Mosambiek president, Samora Machel).Sedert vrylatingMandela word gereken as 'n ikoon in Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenis. Versoenend teenoor sy politieke vervolgers, nadat hy 27 jaar gevange gehou is te Robbeneiland, tree hy op as patriarg om wêreldwyd respek te ontlok vir sy leierskap. Sy aansien styg ook onder die wit Afrikaanse bevolking in Suid-Afrika, tradisioneel Nasionale Party-ondersteuners, wat hom in die apartheidsjare as "vyand" tipeer het.Saam met F.W. de Klerk ontvang Mandela die Nobelprys vir vrede gedurende 1993.AftredeOntluik as voorspraak vir 'n verskeidenheid menseregte-organisasies en bedrywighede gerig op maatskaplike werksaamhede.Gedurende Mei 2004 tree hy op in die afvaardiging wat die RSA by FIFA verteenwoordig om die Wêreldbeker-sokkertoernooi in 2010 aan te bied. Die Suid-Afrikaanse afvaardiging is suksesvol en Mandela word in hierdie opsig beskou as 'n sleutelfiguur.Mandela kondig op 1 Junie 2004 aan dat hy uit die openbare oog tree "om te gaan rus" -- hy benodig meer tyd om saam met sy familie deur te bring, privaat te wees en sy boek te voltooi. Ook wil hy nog meer leeswerk onderneem.Van Wikipedia.

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