What date will 2012 London Olympic end?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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August 12 2012

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Q: What date will 2012 London Olympic end?
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What is the date in which the London 2012 olympic games end?

Sunday 12th August It is on for 16 days

What date do the Olympic games end?

it ends at 6 pm then stars at 8 then ends at midnight

What date do the London 2012 end?

August 12

Where will the 2012 olympic torch end up?

Its final destination is the Olympic park in London - arriving on July 27th.

What date is the London 2012 Olympics going to start and end on?

the date that the Olympics that are going to end in August time

When are the tickets for the 2012 Olympics on sale?

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games go on sale towards the end of 2011.

When do the Olympics games end?

The Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will begin on August 12th.

What date do the london 2012 olympics start and end?

27 July - 12 August

Where is the velodrome?

The London Olympic Velodrome is at the northern end of Olympic Park, just off the A12, in Leyton, London.

When did the 2012 Olympics end?

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, took place in London, United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August 2012.

When does 2012 olympic wrestling begin and end?

Wrestling at the 2012 Summer Olympics was held between 5 and 12 August, the final day of the Games, at ExCeL London.

When does the London olympic games end?

August 12