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On target is when you shoot at the goal and it would of clearly been a goal but the goal keeper saves it but if it misses or hits the pole/crossbar its not on target

i should know because i am a manager of a football

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the amount of complete passes that got yards.

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A post does count as a shot on target because it has been stated by the FA.

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Q: What counts as a shot off target in football?
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If you made the shot off of the eight ball it only counts if you call it off the eight.

In Ice Hockey What is considered a 'shot on goal' and who determines and keeps count?

A shot on goal is any shot that enters the net or any shot that would normally have entered the net if not stopped by the goalie. Shots that deflect off the posts or crossbar and stay out of the net are not counted as shots on goal. The number of shots and whether a shot puck counts as a shot is determined by a statistician employed by the NHL who is stationed at the rink.Yes, a goal counts as a shot on net. However it obviously does not count as a save for the goalie.

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