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It is called a kick-off in English football.

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Q: What is the kick off called in English football?
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In basketball its called a tip off in football a kick off what is it called in ice hockey?

Face off

In basketball its called a tip off in football its called a kick off what is it in ice hockey?

It is called an opening faceoff.

What is the spot in the middle of the football field called?

the kick off point or the centre :)

If the start of a football batch is called the 'kick off' what is the start of a game of cricket called?

First ball - Day one

What type of kick is used to start a football game?

It is the kick off.

Why do they call it football when you do not kick?

The ball is kicked in American football: at kick off, during fieldgoal attempts, and when punted.

Which sport will kick off the Olympic games this year?

womens football will kick off the olympics this year.

What does KO mean in football?

Kick Off

How many points is a kick off in Football worth?

if it is a kick off then none but if it is a kick after a goal then 1 the kick off in football is only worth 1 point 2 The kickoff is designed to place the ball in play after a team scores points. The kickoff is worth no points.

What is the start of a netball game called - For example in football you have 'kick off'?

Netball games begin with the first centre pass.

What yard line does college football kick off from?

College football kicks off at the 35-yard line.

In football it is kick off. What is it in baseball?

The first pitch.

What does kos mean in football?

Kick off Specialist

What is the begining of a play called?

kick-off kick-on

Where do college football kick off from?

35 yd line

How do you start a game of football?

In soccer it starts with a kick off

What yard line is the kick off from in youth football?


Which sport will kick off the games in 2012?

football to my knowledge

Can you score direct from kick off in football without the ball touching any other player?

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

When do start the play clock in high school football?

Well you start as soon as the guy kicks off the ball. That is why it is called kick off . Haha Dont worry it is a common question.

Can you run the football out of the end zone on when returning kick off?


What are the kicks in football?

a kick off, field goal, and extra point

Which sport will kick off 2012 Olympic games?

womens football

What is circle for on football pitch?

its the center of the pitch where they kick off you gibbon

The song they play at football games before a kick off?

The national anthem of america.