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Cross country running started in England

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Q: What country was cross country formed?
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Can you name all sports with the word 'cross' in them?

Cyclo- cross, cross-country mountainbiking, horse cross-country, cross-country rally, motorcross, supercross, cross-country running, cross-country skiing, boardercross, golfcross, lacrosse, and polocrosse.

What is formed when two perpendicular lines cross?

When two perpendicular lines cross, a right angle is formed.

What does a cross country running eat?

I am currently in cross country, and I am a cross country runner. Cross country runners basically eats a lot of fruit to keep healthy. What matters most for cross country runners is keeping their urine clear.

What is the most complete whole-body aerobic exercise?

Cross-country skiing

What is this dingbat xiranrun?

cross = x iran = country run = run lol cross country run

Cross country is to a skier as a what is to a runner?

cross country

In the northern sky what cross is formed?

the cygnus or the northern cross...

What do you get when you cross a horse with a cow?

You don't - the cross is not fruitful, no embryo is formed.

What is faster cross-country skiing or running?

Cross-country skiing.

Do you capitalize cross country coach in the sentence Your work as cross country coach?

No. It would look like this. (My cross country coach, Mr. Smith.)

What sport is best exercise cross country skiing or swimming?

Cross country and swimming. Swimming builds upper body. Cross country builds leg muscle

What is another name for cross country racing?

XC is short for cross country.

When was Cross Country USA created?

Cross Country USA was created in 1985.

When did Cross Country USA happen?

Cross Country USA happened in 1985.

When was Cross-Country Crime created?

Cross-Country Crime was created in 1995.

Does cross country provide exercise?

Yes, cross country does provide exercise

Red Cross when was it formed?


What year was cross country invented?

cross country was invented sometime in the early 1900s

How do you become a cross country runner?

You go out and start running in a cross country environment.

What was the name of cross country before cross country?

There was no name before that, it was just running!

When was Blues Cross Country created?

Blues Cross Country was created in 1962-03.

What is the duration of Cross-Country Romance?

The duration of Cross-Country Romance is 1.13 hours.

Is cross country a track or field event?

Cross country is not a track and field event

Why are Mexicans good at cross country?

i dunno, maybe cross country is the only event in Mexico, so their best cross country athletes aren't doing other sports

How was the Scottish flag formed?

It is the cross of Saint Andrew, our patron saint Answer. The cross of St. Andrew is the shape of the cross he was martyred on.