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i dont know what is the temp but for swiming its the usa but the swimmer now is a canadien

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Q: What country has won the most over medals the last five Olympics for swimming and the temp?
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Which athlete won five medals in swimming in 1924 and 1928 in the Olympics?

Johnny Weissmuller

What country has won the most medals over in the last five Olympic swimming?


Which country finished third at the 1988 Calgary Olympics with 15 medals five of each color?


How many gold medals did Kenya win at the Olympics?

Kenya won five(5) Gold Medals at Olympics

Which country won the most medals in swimming in the 2004 Olympics?

For the Olympics between 1992-2008, that is the United States with 149 (62 gold, 47 silver, 40 bronze).Australia has won the second most swimming medals during that time with 74 (21 gold, 27 silver, 26 bronze).

Who won five medals in swimming and his name starts with t?


How many Olympic medals did Steven Redgrave win in at the Olympics?


How many medals did Mexico win in 1968 summer Olympics?


How many medals did Mongolia win in the 2012 Olympics?

This was Mongolia's most successful Olympics, winning the total of five Olympic medals (2 silver and 3 bronze),

How many medals has US won in 2010 Winter Olympics?

In the past five Winter Olympics, the US has won 122 medals: 2010 - 37 medals; 2006 - 25 medals; 2002 - 34 medals; 1998 - 13 medals; 1994 - 13 medals.

Which country has won more gold medals in 2012 Olympics?

The top five countries in order were... usa, China, Great Britain, Russia and South Korea.

Who are the people who won this years Olympics?

china. In reality the people who participate in the Olympics represent their country and therefore it is the country and not the people, who win the Olympics. It is the country with the most medals that is considered as a winner - if you want to think like that. In reality the above answer "china" is incorrect as the final medals table has indicated. Here are the top five in the final medals order. 1. USA 2. People's Republic of China 3. Great Britain. 4. Russian Federation 5. Republic of Korea. The overall winners at the the London 2012 Olympics is USA and not China and if you want to look at "people," then it can be said "Americans" (USA).