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Q: How many times did justyna kowalczyk win an olympic medals?
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How many olympic equestrian medals has Andrew Hoy won?

Three times olympic euwatrian medals has won by Andrew hoy .

How many Olympic medals has each us state won over all times?


How many times has Australia won a gold medal in the Olympics?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, Australia has won 117 gold medals in Summer Olympic competition and 3 gold medals in Winter Olympic competition.

How many times have US won world basketball championships?

the Olympic team has won 31 gold medals in basketball.

How many medals does Michael Phelps needs to be the men who have win the most medals of all times in the Olympic games?

he needs 2 more to beat the 50 year old record.

How many medals have Bosnia won in the Olympics?

They haven't won a single medal in Olympic history, appearing a total of 6 times.

How many times has Michael Phelps been to the Olympics?

Three times. He swam the 200 meter butterfly in the 2000 Games in Sydney and finished 5th at the age of 15. He won 6 gold medals and 2 bronze medals at the 2004 Games in Athens and won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

How many times has China ranked first in medals during the Olympics?

Prior to the 2008 Games in Beijing, China has never won the most medals at an Olympic Games. The most medals China had won at an Olympic Games, prior to 2008, was 63 (32 gold, 17 silver, 14 bronze) at the 2004 Games in Athens which placed them 3rd behind the United States (102 medals) and Russia (92 medals). Through events of August 20 at the 2008 Games, China is ranked second in total medals with 83, behind the United States who has won 95.

Who was the best discus thrower of all times?

As far as the Olympic Games go, that would be Al Oerter of the United States. He won gold medals in four consecutive Olympic Games (1956, 1960, 1964, 1968). A serious car accident almost ended his career after the 1956 Games but he recovered and went on to win three more gold medals.

Who is the only heavyweight boxer to win two Olympic gold medals?

Two heavyweight boxers have won the Olympic gold medal THREE times: Teofilo Stevenson (1972, 1976 & 1980) and Felix Savon (1992, 1996 & 2000), both from Cuba.

Who is the best women skier of all time?

It is quite simple: Janica Kostelic of Croatia, 6 Olympic medals (4 gold), 5 World Championship Golds, 3 overall World Cups, winning all 5 disciplines in one season... And most amazing: she retired at the age of 24...

How many times India won olympic medals in tennis?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, India has won 1 medal in tennis. That was a bronze by Leander Paes in men's singles at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.