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football is Rugby and soccer mixed so European countries contributed to bringing football to America.

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Q: What country contributed football to America?
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Which country begins playing football first?


How did the monroe doctrine contribute to Americas growing identitity?

It contributed to America by adding more stuff to America that made it a great country!

Which country's soccer called soccer instead of football?

in north america

What new country did Betsy Ross contributed in?

Betsy Ross created the original flag for the United States of America.

What famous Mexicans contributed to America?

Frida Kahlo contributed to America with her amazing artwork, even though she had a unibrow.

In what country is swimming the most popular?

Australia views swimming as America views football.

When you say football to Italians do they think you mean soccer?

dude every country other than America uses the word football to mean football, as you play football with your feet hence football.....

Why is US famous for American football?

American Football was invented in America and is currently the most popular sport in that country. America is famous for it because they are the most avid fans of the game.

Is football the most populer sport?

In nearly every country in the world. America is one noted as not.

When was Football America created?

Football America was created in 2003.

What have English contributed to America?

The English language !

Why do other counties call soccer ''football''?

Because America wanted to call American football that, so they could not have two. every other country in the world calls it Football!!!!!!

What changes taking place in the country contributed to Jackson's victory?

What changes taking place in the country contributed to Jackson's victory

What is football called in America?


What country did the NFL originate from?

The United States of America. (Football has its roots in soccer and rugby, which are English games. But American football -- and definitely the NFL -- is American.)

Why is England and America playing football in South Africa?

Because its the hots country of the world cup this year

Is Canada the only country that calls football soccer?

No-many countries do e.g. America Canada Australia

What were Cleopatra's contributions to her country and the word?

Cleopatra contributed virtually nothing to her country and all she contributed to the world was misconceptions about her life and importance.

If englands most played sport is football does that mean soccer or football?

Soccer is the game where you kick the ball, not throwing with the QB. The only COuntry that calls soccer (the one without the QB) is America. In everyother country in the World, they call soccer football.

Which country contributed zero to mathematics?


What countries around the world play football?

Nearly every country plays FutBol (soccer, sounds like football), however, America and Canada are the only countries that play Football professionally (as in the sport with tackling, bla blah)Every country play football in a way or other.

What is another name fr soccer?

Football, The United states of America is the only country that calls Soccer, soccer. All of the other countries call it football.

Which Latin American country contributed the most dances known in America today?

Cuban band leaders were the most influential to America. They introduced the conga, cha cha, habenero, mambo and rumba.

How has football contributed to your daily lives?

Football provides a social setting for friends and family to watch a competitive sport.

What are some differences in football in France and America?

Football is America is very different from French football. In France if you mention football people will assume you mean soccer whereas in America it is the contact sport American Football.